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Help your dog make friends with his peers: Carefully select confident-but-friendly and patient-tempered dogs to play with your shy dog, to help him hone his social skills. When it comes to dogs licking each other’s mouth, the gesture can have several meanings, but they are all benevolent. If the action turns into licking, that is a pretty strong indication that the little guys are on the same page, to say the least.

Licking can also mean that the licker thinks the other dog is his superior, and he feels defeated and vulnerable, so he may lick another dog’s mouth to show he admits inferiority. If the other dog doesn’t exactly like what is going on at the moment, he might become hostile and start growling, barking or snarling. GuestGeorge Murrey2 months 21 days agoOur dogs either takes turns or one starts as the other stops.

They also look out for each other: A dog who excessively licks the muzzle of his canine pal may be doing this because the dog has a tumor, cut or other medical need that requires attention and treatment.

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