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You can enjoy this dependable service if you live between Everett and Tukwila, on the west side of Lake Washington. You do not need to be at home when delivery is made. Have your favorite, healthy dog foods, cat foods, kitty litter and more delivered to your home or office with no additional charge for the convenience. If you’re in our Standard area (shown in Yellow on the map above), in-stock orders will be delivered within 72 hours (excluding weekends).
If you reside or work within our Expanded area (shown in Orange on the map above), in-stock orders, and some special request orders, will be delivered within one week.

Parts of Kirkland, Bellevue and Bothell now also enjoy dependable, free pet food delivery as well. Cash, checks (as long as they don’t bounce), debit, Mastercard, Visa, Discover and American Express are all accepted.
Your payment info can be kept on file so future orders are as quick as a call or email away. While automated services can be convenient, digging around to find a human able to respond to questions or problems can be extraordinarily frustrating.

Email and website orders are confirmed before the end of the day, often within 60 minutes or less. Remember that you’re getting more than just a bag of food when you have your orders delivered.

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