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See it apparently not the student's fault they cheated, it's the instructor's for reporting it. Maybe if my required class is too hard for you, maybe you should find another major because maybe, just maybe, you are not cut out for the field. At least one school, removes the evaluations of students sanctioned for academic dishonesty, which can help offset that problem (although the student's friends might still nail you in the evaluations). Since everything has moved online, there needs to be a simple way for faculty to be able to find and access it.

If I've spent ten minutes searching for the policy on cheating and have come up empty, I'm probably done looking. For example, all cases of cheating at my university must be reported to the appropriate office. One's still in office and the other is the current frontrunner for the republican ticket for president of the US. So really, at even the highest levels, we are teaching students that cheating for personal gain can be acceptable and that the ends do indeed justify the means.

If the administration makes it clear that these policies are important (by making it easy to find and identify them for example), it encourages faculty adherence. If a student sleeps 7 hours a night (not enough), devotes 50 hours a week to studies (in order to get a couple Bs), works 30 hours a week, spends 2 hours a day commuting to school, work, and home, then that student has ~2 hours a day (every day) to eat, shop for necessities, breathing, wash the car, etc.

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