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This sensation causes the pooch to throw up, especially when the grass has been swallowed down instead of chewed on.
Whatever the reason of eating grass, most of professionals see there is not dangerous in letting a dog eating a way. If you see your dog eating grass or any other plants, try to give him natural herbs or dog-safe veggies into his diet. Watch your dog carefully, if there increasing in grass munching, this of course will require immediate vet assistance.
Dogs do not have the means to digest grass, as they lack the enzymes needed to break down the fibres. On occasion, I have seen dogs lick at the air, often showing swallowing behaviour, then rush out to the great outdoors to seek out a thick patch of the green stuff and furiously chomp and chomp until the urge abates.
Some dogs can also develop a form of stereotypy behaviour (obsessive-compulsive disorder) and become fixated on grass chewing, but this is relatively rare. For those with a scientific bent, an additional theory related to the grasseating behaviour of our four legged companions has to do with their evolutionary past.
Another common theory is that dogs will eat indigestible matter if they are excessively hungry or if their nutrition is poor, so this must always be a consideration.

Dogs are more omnivorous than cats, and many would also like to eat far more than they're fed.
I have a two year old female boxer who has enjoyed eating grass (particularly crabgrass) since she was around a year old. The real reason why dogs eat grass is because like humans they need vitamin B17, otherwise known as Laetrile.
Hi there, just on the subject of dogs eating grass, I have noticed them eat more grass of a young soft nature when with worms, and this grass goes strait through without digestion, I also noticed that during malting they eat coarse and young soft grass and there vomit contains course grass wrapped in hair and a couple of days later fesses contains the softer grass also with hair wrapped around it, as hair is non digestible, this could be an answer, they eat way less grass when not molting like winter time around 25 deg Celsius and more when its hot.
Even if they found the grass tasty, other breeds do it to add a little roughage to their usual diet. Also, the grass contains some essential elements that a pooch may actually crave, especially if the pet has been on a commercial diet. For ancestral dogs to have survived successfully, they would have needed good hunting abilities in order to feed and nourish their young and survive as a pack. Certain grasses and grains that people eat in the poorest of countries contain this vitamin and when doctors did a study they found that there was NO history of cancer in these groups of third world people.
On following these dogs endoscopically, they often have an inflammatory condition in their stomachs or redness around the lower esophagus, which can indicate gastric reflux or inflammatory bowel disease.

These dogs seem to enjoy their habit and do not suffer any of the previously-reported repercussions, such as vomiting. Grass eating may have evolved to help conceal their scent from their prey in the same way that rolling in foul offal is sometimes thought to.
The situation can be troubling for the owner as the dog is often quite restless before getting out to graze. I can say that I've seen grass chewers on occasion get a good nasal cleanse, as the thick blade of grass occasionally gets on the wrong track and scurries out an unsuspecting nasal passage. But this is real, and I urge anyone to do unbiased research on this subject because it can save lives, even your dogs.

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