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If you are like most people, then you probably find it both disgusting and concerning to see your dog eating feces. While it may not make sense to us, there are a wide range of reasons that a dog may be eating poop.
In the same way that babies explore their world by touching and tasting everything they can, dogs also explore and learn about their environment this way. Dogs may also learn this habit by watching other dogs eating feces, or even from watching their owners clean it up. In some cases, eating poop may be a habit that is developed due to poor nutrient absorption. A dog that is lacking certain nutrients or is underfed may begin eating poop in order to satisfy their hunger and dietary needs. For dogs who do not receive enough exercise and social interaction, consuming feces may be a side effect of boredom, loneliness or stress. Once you understand the motivations behind such undesirable behaviors as eating poop, you can begin taking proactive measures to get rid of this habit. If your dog is eating their waste in order to keep their living area clean, then cleaning it as soon as they have finished their business will help to eliminate this habit.
Many pet supply stores now carry a variety of products that are specially designed to discourage dogs from eating excrement. While an occasional munch on dirt or round of chewing on a household item is normally not harmful to dogs, a tendency to dine on items not suitable for eating can cause a variety of health problems. If your dog is becoming bored and eating strange objects as a result, you will need to find different ways of keeping your dog more entertained. In some rare cases dogs eat strange objects because they have behavioral and psychological problems. This is not only disturbing and disgusting to the owners but can also be dangerous for the dog especially if the poop is contaminated with fleas, worms, or other parasites that may host bacteria and disease. Before you can learn ways of stopping this uncouth and unhealthy behavior, you must first understand the fundamental reasons why dogs eat their own stool. Dogs eat their own stool for a variety of reasons depending on their age, genetics, training, diet, health, and living conditions.
Healthy and balanced foods are essential for preventing your dog eating poop because they supplement all the nutrients he needs. Dogs suffering from boredom will most likely have behavior issues, display undesirable traits and cause property damage. While some animals can survive by eating poop alone, such as Dung Beetles, dogs are certainly not one of those animals.
By understanding why your dog is eating feces, you can then take proactive measures to deter this unsightly habit. In fact, it is common for mother dogs to clean up after their young by eating their puppies’ poop.

If you clean up behind your dog and they see it, then they may misinterpret your actions and begin to ‘clean up after themselves’ by eating their poop.
If your dog is hungry, underfed or eating a diet that is insufficient in proper nutrients, then they may begin eating feces in order to satisfy their hunger and try to fulfill their nutritional needs.
For dogs who are restricted to a small yard or channel, eating feces may serve as a way to occupy themselves and keep their personal space clean. Sometimes dogs eat objects that their bodies cannot handle, and they need emergency surgery to remove the object. To prevent your dog from eating strange objects it is important that you address these two contributing factors.
If you are concerned that your dog may be eating strange objects due to a mental problem, you should have your dog examined by a veterinarian. However, just like humans, dogs have their own individual motives why they behave in certain ways.
Clean up the yard thoroughly and avoid access to poop especially if your dog is cleaning up after himself or other dogs. This instinct may have to do with the fact that dogs were hunters and scavengers for thousands of years before being domesticated by humans. When dogs find that eating feces is satisfying and fulfilling, then they will repeat this undesired behavior until it develops into a bad habit.
In some cases, dogs who are punished for defecating inside the house will eat their feces in order to deal with the evidence and avoid punishment. If you are concerned that your dog may be eating feces in response to a medical condition, then you should take them to see a veterinarian for a checkup. If you notice that your dog is eating or swallowing household objects, it is important to work with your dog to try and break the habit.
One of the most unusual dog behaviors in the home is a dog eating poop or that of other animals around. A second reason is boredom; lack of interaction and activity can lead to your dog eating poop. In turn, you will find it easier to supervise you dog and in time prevent your dog eating poop excreted by himself or that of other animals. While the thought of eating feces is revolting to humans, a dog may eat poop in order to replenish enzymes that they need for their bodies to break down proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Dogs that are lacking in social interaction may find that eating feces is a way to receive attention from their owner, even if that attention is negative. Otherwise, you should determine the motivation that is causing your dog to eat poop and work to correct this habit. Another frequent reason is stress and anxiety, when facing extreme anxiety such as when lonely, a dog may poop and eat his own stool as a displacement behavior.
During meal times and pooping sessions, consider putting the dog on a leash so that you can train him to avoid the feces with ease.

Try a couple of dog training exercises each week, taking him to meet other dogs to play and reward him when he has been good.
In order to stop your dog from eating poop, you must first determine the reason that they are eating it. In rarer cases, a dog that is overfed is unable to properly digest all of the nutrients in their food and may begin eating their poop as a way to recycle the undigested nutrients. The consequences of eating contaminated feces will also depend on the immune system and general health of our dog.
Some dogs will eat their own feces as a way of cleaning up the space especially if they know they will be physically punished. The more interesting alternatives you offer the less your dog will be inclined to eat its own poop. Try more than one of the above mentioned methods, or even a combination of methods, and even if it doesn’t work completely you have still reduced the chances of your dog eating feces.
If we keep things clean, there will be less chance for him to engage in opportunistic poop eating.During retraining, it is also important to supervise our dog closely, so that he does not practice any bad behavior on his own. Now, we can use it when our dog gets tempted by animal leavings during walks.Note that independent minded dogs may choose to eat the feces anyway, if they decide that our reward is of lesser value. In addition, I quickly march my dog home and end the walk, if he manages to sneak in some poop eating. Take Our PollAdding meat tenderizer containing papain, in small quantities to our dog’s food, will sometimes prevent poop eating.
However, stool deterrents only work when our dog is eating his own feces, or those from other dogs in the house.
My dogs explain why they get anxious when I leave them alone at unexpected times, and why the vengeance poop is not a pay-back at all, but rather a symptom of anxiety.
The best techniques for food aggression focuses on helping our dogs re-associate people with something good and positive. In this way, my dog learns that if he eats poop, we walk home right away and his fun walk ends.I talk more about this in the article above. In addition, eating poop and having poop everywhere can also be a result of stress and anxiety, for example from being alone. How to stop the dogs – several times a day they go outside in our own fenced backyard to do their business.

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