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While some human foods are fine for dogs when given in moderation, others can be highly toxic to their systems. Some dogs might eat a few grapes without issue, and then become gravely ill the next time they consume grapes.
You might know that grapes and raisins are toxic to dogs; here's a rundown of other popular fruits. If you see your dog eat some grapes, the best course of action is to proceed directly to a veterinarian, who will induce vomiting. Yes; dogs may not particularly care for the outer skin of an apple, but as long as the seeds are removed, apples are safe for dogs to eat. Yes, pineapples are fine for dogs, provided, of course, you’ve removed the prickly outer husk of this island favorite.
Both the coconut meat and milk are all right for dogs, as long as they don’t have too much of either. One caveat, of course, even for the fruits that are safe for dogs, is everything in moderation.
Others fall victim with their very first grape snack.Any dog, regardless of size, age, breed or gender, can be stricken with the fatal toxicity of kidney failure accompanied by an inability to produce urine.

Likewise, the Internet is awash in information, somewhat more useful, about the varieties of people-food that are both good and bad for dogs to eat. As you’ll see, with many fruits, seeds, cores, stems, or pits often contain chemicals that are toxic to dogs. Grapes and dogs are a potentially deadly combination.GRAVE CONSEQUENCES OF EATING GRAPESWhile it remains a mystery which exact component of the grape poses toxicity in dogs, the consequence of grape consumption is clear.
Dogs, as you may know, from their feral origins, are natural scavengers and omnivores at heart. Since the cause of dogs’ reaction to grapes is unknown, it is best to keep grapes, raisins, or any of their products or byproducts completely away from all dogs.
Aside from the reactions that many of us have in eating lemons and limes, which dogs share, even the sourest citrus fruit seems to work okay for dogs, if they’re so inclined. From red or white to seedless or not, all grapes pose the same toxic threat.SIGNS AND TREATMENT OF GRAPE TOXICITYIf your furry scavenger manages to help himself to some grapes, symptoms of grape toxicity will appear within 12 hours after ingestion. Prompt and aggressive treatment is the only chance to save your dog.If you suspect that your dog consumed grapes, you must contact your veterinarian without delay. Dogster has the lowdown on some of the most popular fruits and whether they’re safe for your dog to enjoy at snack, treat, or mealtime.

Within mere hours of ingesting grapes or raisins, dogs have been observed to begin having fits of vomiting and excessive urination. Within just a few days, dogs have experienced kidney failure, lapsed into comas, and died from eating grapes. Hospitalization follows with continued fluid therapy, medication to maintain urine flow and daily diagnostic tests to monitor the kidneys and their blood values.If your dog eats only a few grapes and receives treatment before the toxins have been absorbed into his tissues, he will have the best chance for recovery. Raisins are simply grapes that are dried and more concentrated, and they have demonstrated the same toxic results in dogs as fresh grapes.
Do not offer your dog grape juice, grape jelly or frozen grape fruit popsicles.Wine is made from grapes and contains alcohol, making the beverage a toxicity nightmare for your pet.

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