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Might be the first song on the EP where you really can feel strong Angels And Airwaves influenses, and also a similarity to Snake Charmer from blink’s last album. Anyways, Mark’s deep voice feels just right between Tom singing his words throughout this catchy, yet slow and emotional song that I would love to know the full lyrics on. Blink-182 have released the track “Boxing Day” from their upcoming EP “Dogs Eating Dogs.” As drummer Travis Barker has previously stated, the new song has more of a folk feeling with the acoustic guitar, but it's still full of catchy lyrics that the band is known for.

The song has an acoustic feeling to it, with electronic drums and a really fat, amazing bass sound.
And older Blink fans may notice that the song is reminiscent of their earlier track “What Went Wrong” from “Take Off Your Pants and Jacket” with the acoustic tempo and the somber tone.

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