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Repairing areas where dogs have urinated will be futile if you can’t keep your dogs off of those areas for several months.
Again, if you can’t keep dogs off of these areas for several months, it will be futile to try to reseed them. Similar damage may occur from other sources of salt such as road salt and fertilizer spills, but these damaged areas won't have the marginal green areas around the patch that is associated with dog urine.
Choose high quality, highly digestible foods so that more nutrients are absorbed into the body and less material is filtered out. Over seed damaged areas with with fresh top soil and grasses that are known to be more resistant to high nitrogen levels.
Nitrogen from dog poop is released much more slowly, so the longer you leave it on your lawn, the more likely it will be to negatively impact your grass.
If you have dogs, especially large female dogs, then you probably have yellow or dead spots in your lawn created by their urine. Your dog’s urine is highly acidic and can kill the grass it comes in contact with, similar to burning a lawn with over-fertilization. This approach to control dog urine problems takes a lot of time and is difficult to get right. If you already have areas that are damaged, the best bet is to saturate the spots with water, and read this article on seeding barespots in your lawn. People have a misconception that the urine of a female dog is more acidic and therefore cause more damage than that of a male. Maybe pedestrians and vehicles drive them nuts and they like to run along the same path to bark and chase them.
If possible exclude them from these areas and rotate them around so they don’t cause damage to the same spots over and over.

The new seedlings will get trampled and ripped out and won’t stand a chance of maturing. When the soluble salts content is low and the soil affected is moist and fertile, damage may be minimal and show up as faster growing patches of dark green grass. One thing that remains the same are the problems you might experience around summer lawn care and your dog.
It’s worse with female dogs that typically have stronger urine, and also squat in the same spots, but happens with male dogs too.
This is most noticeable the larger your dog is, the smaller your lawn is, and the more habitual your dog is about its activity in your lawn. However, it is not acidity of urine that damages turf, it is the level of nitrogen, and various compounds including salts, in your dog’s urine. The bigger your dogs are and the more often they run on a regular path, the sooner you’ll notice wear problems on the turf. If you can train them to go to areas that are more obscure like behind a shed or the like then the damage can happen some area other than right off the edge of your patio or walkway. However, when the soluble salt content is high, and the affected lawn is dry, there is strong potential for injury. If you don’t use enough water, you may save the lawn from burning, and instead have lots of very dark green spots where the urine was diluted to the point of actually helping the grass… just not evenly! Some say an additional teaspoonful of Brewers Yeast added to the dog’s daily diet, can reduce the pH of the urine enough to prevent lawn damage. I live with my parents and they are always complaining about the dog spots as they call them. Even if you love your lawn enough to give it a great lawn care program, if you have dogs damaging your lawn, it will be frustrating to keep it looking great.

It can also be very frustrating to get these areas reestablished with new seed as the dogs will trample the young seedlings to death. Gypsum will improve soil drainage slightly, so that may provide some very minimal help as it will encourage the contaminating elements to leach down past the roots of the grass plants. Most people don’t have the time or attention to monitor and address the issue like this.
Most dogs will prefer to urinate in grass, but if you or a landscaper can create a mulched or pea gravel area and get them to relieve themselves there, this is a great solution as well.
Seed these areas in the early fall and water them regularly for the first year to develop deep root growth. Some pet owners have changed the configuration of landscaping, and added fences to screen areas from dogs to change their behavior. Fertilizers, when over-applied at a very heavy rate actually draw moisture out of the grass plants, burning it. There are also all sorts of miracle remedies and dietary changes on the market but none have been proven to make a significant improvement in the urine issue.
Some have also changed the signal strength of invisible fence collars to keep their dogs further away from the boundaries. Some property owners have also opted for sod installation versus seeding in these areas and pinned the pieces into the soil to keep them from coming loose until their roots knitted into the soil.
It will stand up longer than seedlings, but it too will get worn if dogs continue to travel in the same paths.

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