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Dogs that display aggressive behavior towards food or toys must have the behavior corrected as soon as possible.
Being the alpha leader in the dog pack does not imply that you need to be mean or aggressive yourself. Dogs that show aggression with their food are really just trying to climb into the alpha position in the pack. If your dog is still guarding his food dish after those first simple steps, you will need to remove the dish and feed the dog by hand for awhile. Your dog should be able to eat his meal with his tale wagging, relaxed, and enjoying his food and time with the pack. It is instinctive for dogs to be protective around food, belongings like toys, even territory. Note: When approaching reactive dogs, stay on the opposite side of a gate or tether the dog.

In fact, being aggressive will only make dog food aggression worse, as your dog ups the ante. Finally, while the dog is eating some less interesting dry food, place a much more exciting food (such as a piece of chicken) in the bowl. When you feed him from his bowl again, make sure he see’s you putting the food into his bowl. Depending upon the size of your dog, serious injury can occur if your dog defends his food dish vigorously. While it can be a difficult issue, we must respect the fact that we are asking our dogs to behave in a way that belies their God-given instincts. Once you’re able to contend with the above scenarios, guard against relapses by periodically touching your dog and dropping a treat, while the dog is eating.
This forces the food away as the dog eats, making sure the dog does not eat too much too fast.

A dog who displays this aggression with protecting his food dish may also be possessive with his toys, or anything that he claims as his possession. Some dogs won’t drop things you really want out of their mouths causing a big struggle between dog and owner. The longer it takes him to eat without someone disturbing him, the more likely he is to learn that his food isn’t going to be taken from him. Form the food into soft-ball sized balls, wrap in plastic and place in the freezer for 24 hours.

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