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Dogs, like humans, can experience allergic reactions to certain foods and therefore, those allergens that are found in the food will be eliminated from the diet. One of these products is milk, there are dogs that may have intolerance to milk, certain cereals and dairy products.
Pedigree is not really a good food at all, a higher quality food might help but I would wait until after the vet visit to switch just in case. Yes that second photo of his tummy is the allergy rash my Boxer used to get-- its more like a secondary sequelae from his allergies-- we used to have to rinse him down with a clorihexiderm wash every now and then ..
Even if it is not an allergy, Pedigree is a very very low quality food and I would suggest reading up in the food forum for better options.
Depending on the type of allergies your dog or cat may be suffering from, certain natural liquid remedies might help to alleviate the problem. A proven and reliable way of treating dog allergies is to give your pet Vitamin E.  Or if your dog or cat often suffers from dandruff, then feeding them with essential fatty acid supplement can help.
For dog allergies that causes swollen areas in the body, you may help and also for overall health, by putting your pet on a better diet.
Whenever you think your pet is suffering from dog allergies or cat allergies, you should follow 2 steps to minimize the possible causes. If dog allergies cause problems in the genital area, then what you can do is to wash the skin folds two times a day with an antiseptic like Hibitane. Often people do not even know that actually dog allergies can be caused by consuming the same food over a period of years. For dog allergies to fleas, they are often caused by your dog’s sensitivity to a type of protein in the flea’s saliva. Among the many kinds of dog allergies, we can divide them into skin allergies, food allergies & environment-induced allergies. Inhalant allergens that cause dog allergies can be due to dirt in the air, which through contact with the nose, can cause symptoms such as itchiness, watery eyes, constant head shaking and even self-mutilation.
If your dog has the mentioned symptoms and you were able to resolve them with the suggested remedies, than no further steps may be needed. In summary, dog allergies often manifest in symptoms like itchiness, watery eyes, coughing, sneezing, skin problems, asthma-like breathing and stuffy nose.
The consequence of dog allergies is uncontrollable itching, pushing the dog to lick and scratch himself until sores increase on his body. Bacterial allergies are a lesser known kind of dog allergies which can be present only in some dogs.
Dogs experience display almost the same symptoms as human beings when they are attacked by allergies. Contact dog allergies as the name suggests develop when the certain substances come into contact with a dog’s skin.
Dog allergies could be of five basic types: contact allergies, flea allergies, bacterial allergies and inhalant allergies. Flea dog allergies cause itching in dogs and in severe cases could result in secondary bacterial infections. Bacterial allergies manifest themselves in the form of hair loss and a skin condition that looks like ringworms.
Inhalant dog allergies in dogs may be caused by allergens like pollen, molds, dust mites and mildew.
Regardless of the breed of your dog, once it gets in contact with an allergy-causing substance, they would be experiencing almost the same signs and dog allergies symptoms as that of other breeds. For dog allergies involving discharges from the eyes, you can use a boric acid ophthalmic solution for this.
If you see your dog shaking or scratching his head, it might be another sign of dog skin allergies. There had been studies saying that dogs experience allergic reaction when they suffer from emotional stress. According to statistics, 10% of dogs suffer from allergic reactions to certain foods and therefore in general a relatively small number of dogs are likely to suffer from such a  disease.
Also after  the excessive fermentation of food in the large intestine, dogs can suffer allergic reactions due to the release of toxic substances, after ingestion of inappropriate products made of meat. Your doctor will determine the type of allergen after some analysis, although this is not exactly easy.
Veterinary pharmacies have drugs in capsule form that is given to the dog and eliminates itchiness that is very hard to bear. Some animals have a form of the disease which does not allow them to eat meat at all, and therefore will eat food,without lamb, just vegetables and rice. Also all the doctor will recommend certain vitamins to strengthen the immune system of the dog. This website shows ratings for all kinds of foods that you may or may not want to switch to, though if it is a food allergy then try grain free first because there are a decent number of animals allergic to grains. Could be a reaction to something environmental like that, with all the pollen and such on the ground a lot of dogs get rashy bellies in spring.
If it's getting worse and weeping sores are developing, I doubt it was the food, but you never know.
In the process to finding out the cause of such problems, it is important to observe how your dog is reacting to it’s environment. Your dog may also show signs of weakness, lack of energy & appetite, possible vomiting, diarrhea and increased heart beat rate.
However for persistent dog allergies that do not respond to treatments, some further things may be done like bathing your dog with cool water, using colloidal oatmeal as a possible option. A few cotton balls, some boric acid ophthalmic solution, some Visine moisturizing eye drops, and a fresh washcloth are necessary to treat these dog allergies.

For this kind of dog allergies, antibiotics and diphenhydramine and corticosteroids can be used to treat these swollen areas.
Feed the pet a nourishing diet from puppyhood and carry out an exercise program suited for the dog. This is why you need to be careful in taking care of your favorite animal and check constantly for any dog allergies they might have before it gets any worse. This kind of dog allergies can be caused by pollen, feather, dust mite, dust, molds, and human dander.
This type of allergy causes irritation of skin along with other symptoms like hair loss and sore formation. Although it is difficult to detect, but again symptoms such as vomiting or coughing after meal indicate such dog allergies.
So, the most effective way of managing these dog allergies is to pre-empt them.  The owner must always remember that it is his or her duty to take care of their silent canine friend.
Usually dogs are afflicted by the following types of allergies: flea dog allergies, food-related dog allergies, bacterial dog allergies, atopy and dog allergies caused by contact. You can easily recognize that your dog has a flea allergy when you see it scratching and biting itself uncontrollably. If they see their owners stressed out, most dogs tend to reflect the same anxiety and show symptoms of allergy.
When a dog is allergic to a substance, its immune system reacts violently to the allergen or the allergy-causing substance. Contact allergy occurs when a dog’s skin reacts to the material of a flea collar or to bedding material such as wool.
These skin lesions get cleared up with antibiotic treatment but may recur if the dog is allergic to staphylococcus bacteria, which causes this problem in the first place.
What you need to do is to wet a cotton ball with the solution then gently wipe across the center of the eye, moving from inner to outer corner areas of the eyelids when closed. Make sure to bring him to the veterinarian right away for check up and dog allergies treatment. One tablespoon of  linseed oil  should be given once a day , or you can mix it with the food (  boiled rice ) to be easily ingested by the animal . For a varied diet you can also buy dry food in the form of grains, especially for dogs with such health problems that is based on lamb and rice, or other variants that contain vegetables. Signs of dog allergies can range from poor coat texture and length, to itchiness or hot spots. If the dog allergies are consistent and long-term, this is mostly due to environmental factors that were mentioned earlier. Meaning if your dog has been domesticated and kept in clean environments for a period of time, it cannot adjust to such unexpected introduction of bugs. Take steps to reduce or remove the growth of dust mites in your home, as they commonly cause dog allergies for your pet. Pets that are severely itchy are often provided with traditional medical treatments, such as short-time low dose of corticosteroids or antihistamines, to give fast relief.  One of the commonly found dog allergies in Labrador is ear infection. Many pet-owners often are not aware that their pet dogs are allergic to certain foods or environments. The most common signs that your pooch might just be suffering from dog allergies is that if they keep scratching or licking their paws constantly.
The reason for these dog allergies can vary from flea allergy, bacteria allergy, inhalant allergy, food allergy and contact allergy. Other symptoms for dog allergies include coughing, diarrhea or vomiting, loss of appetite, discharge from nose or eye, breathing problem or hair loss.
In this case if it is not possible to treat the dog by eliminating the allergen completely from its surroundings, then there are medicated shampoos, allergy shots or corticosteroids than can be used to treat this condition. Dogs can get this allergy from plastic food bowls, flea collars, pet sweaters, plants or grass and even wool bedding.
Elimination diet process for recognizing the right diet, which suits your dog, should be used.
The usual causes of contact allergies are wool, soaps, flea collars, grass, nylon carpets and insect-killers. These reactions could take the form of itching that would be concentrated in a specific area or spread throughout the dog’s body.
If the dog is allergic to these materials, it will develop itching and skin irritation in the areas that come into contact with the allergens.
In human beings, inhalant dog allergies cause sneezing or hay fever while in dogs it results in itching.
The itching becomes so uncontrollable that the dog will scratch himself and then later on develop lesions all over his body.
There are several recognized causes for this type of dog allergies, but the most common one is an allergic reaction to insect stings. It might not just be because of an allergic reaction, though, so you have to make sure you have your dog checked by a veterinarian just to be safe. Thus in the portion of rice ( cooked as mentioned above) add a handful of dog treats for this quadruped’s regime. Pedigree is not high on the list of quality foods, so you'll probably want to change it out. He won't eat it dry, so I am going to have to find some good wet food for him if it does turn out to be a food allergy.
If the allergy is only seasonal, meaning confined to certain periods of the year, then it is usually pollen that is affecting your dog. In certain cases, your dog might vomit, release gas, sneeze or wheeze like an asthma patient,etc.

So if you see your dog scratching constantly, then it may be time to consider a trip to the vet. You may not be aware of this, but many dogs are actually become allergic to the dog food they have been eating for years.
Repeat these steps until you observe that your dog stops exhibiting signs of dog allergies.
The typical way to treat this allergy is simply to take away the dog allergies causing item from the dog’s environment. Be it buying premium dog food, chew toys, flea collars or parasitic remedies, we leave no stone unturned in taking due care of our pets. Other symptoms for dog allergies you should watch out for include coughing, eye and nose discharge, hair loss, vomiting and breathing problems. An easier approach to test for food allergy is to start with the usual dog food which contains hydrolyzed proteins, such as Purinas HA.
You can identify the symptoms of atopy if you see your dog licking its paws, scratching itself or notice that its eyes are watering.
The dog could also show signs of respiratory problems such as wheezing, sneezing or coughing. Contact allergies can be treated by removing the material or substance that is causing the allergy. These lesions may become infected and contain pus which makes it painful and all the more unbearable for the dog. But for a typical allergic reaction, all you have to do is just to keep the ears clean and dry especially after bathing.
Provide him with nutritious food all throughout his life from puppyhood until the time he grows older. Lots of people (myself included) feed Taste of the Wild kibble-it's grain free and is more affordable than some grain free foods out there. I am taking him to the vet next week to check out his heartworms, so I will ask of they can do some tests for allergies.
It does happen and if so, you would want to isolate the cause ingredient that is causing the allergy. Yet, despite all the effort, most of us are may not be aware of the hidden dangers of dog allergies to our beloved pooches.
These proteins are broken down into molecules so small; they can’t affect the immune system, which is what causes the allergy. These symptoms of dog allergies could be accompanied with a discharge from the eyes or the nose.
When complete flea control is not possible, dogs may be treated with steroids to provide relief.
If the allergens are present all year round, the dog could suffer from the allergy continuously. For relief, you can bathe the dog regularly in cold water, and use a shampoo with eucalyptus and aloe vera to decrease the burning sensation. You can also develop an exercise program for your dog to make sure he really enjoys a healthy lifestyle. I just bathed him with soapless oatmeal shampoo which seems to have calmed his scratching a tiny bit. The excellent way to shun such dog allergies that result in ear infections is to dry your dog’s ears after bathing and regularly clean its ears.  No dog breed is entirely hypoallergenic.
Though dog allergies are quite common phenomenon, they are quite difficult to detect and the problem is further compounded by the fact that your pet cannot verbalize their suffering.
If the dog allergies goes away while your dog is on this diet, then he most likely is suffering from a food allergy.
However, keep in mind that food allergies among dogs are not very common so rule out all other causes before concluding that your dog is allergic to a certain food.
A third form of allergic reaction could be problems in the digestive system such as diarrhea or vomiting.
The dog’s feet should also be kept clean, making sure you thoroughly brush the paw area as well as the claws. It can be good for dogs with allergies, but it's not feasible for a lot of people for various reasons. If you have allergies and asthma triggered by pet dander, there’s no breed that is going to be wholly safe for you to get.
But there is another easier way – trying the dog foods that have hydrolyzed proteins and then eliminating the particular food products. But not to worry, it can simply be taken care of by cleaning the habitat of your dog and avoiding dirty areas. Apart from these allergies, a dog may be allergic to  fleas (caused by flea saliva) or to bacteria’s.
These dog allergies must be consulted directly with a professional vet so that proper medication can be adminstered. However, in no circumstance should the owner delay in consulting with a vet because your dog may be suffering badly and it is on the part of owner to help him.

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