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I know that I said that I wouldn’t allow Cesar Millan train my dogs, but I have to admit to being at my wits end with Rodrigo, because for a few minutes, I actually considered getting a shock collar for our dog (but I know that I would be training him to fear, turning is reactivity to aggression). My Hank acted as though he had never been on a leash when we adopted him when he was about 2. Buster can be reactive to larger dogs (especially white larger dogs after being attacked by a Yellow Lab). But no, I learned how to use a clicker, a Halti and a harness, and rewarded Isis for looking calmly at a bicycle as far away as she needed to be without barking and lunging. I read something recently about the effect of the anticipation of pain or discomfort in dogs, and can’t find it right at the moment, but this article talks about the same idea in humans and is what I loathe about e-collars. Cesar has a collar that will give better control of dogs during walking or whenever – it has two horizontal sections instead of the one in most collars.

I am a huge believer in positive reinforcement and clicker training; that is the ONLY type of training I will do with my dogs.
You already know what triggers Rodrigo’s reactivity, which is great, so you are halfway there! She explains it sooo well and has explicit step-by-step directions for all different kinds of reactivity situations.
Pyrrha is our leash reactive dog, and we’ve taken a class on reactivity that was extremely helpful to us. The number one lesson from The Dog Whisperer was to walk walk walk her as much as possible.
Each dog is so different but keeping the behavior from beginning is a great way to teach Rodrigo to start behaving differently.

With her lunging and barking, I can tell some people think I’m struggling to control a vicious dog.
The presence of another confident non-reactive dog (our puppy Eden) has also been calming to her. There are so many dogs who are reactive, and I’ve been thankful for the great community of bloggers who are writing about this difficult issue.
Ma would leash him and take him to the trail at its busiest time for bikes and watch how he reacted with each one that went past.

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