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Slip the Belt Loop T-Bolt onto your belt for simple hands free two or three dog leash is great for walking, jogging and hiking. Purchase the belt only or add the 4 foot optional bungee leash with built-in control handle.**Alternatively you can use the dog walking belt with any dog leash. Copyright© 2015 The Dog Outdoors - A Division of Daughtry Enterprises, LLC All Rights Reserved - Austin TX. The Belt Loop T-Bolt uses the same no tangle multi dog leash coupler as our Friendly Dog Leash and can provide a hand free dog leash for runners.
Purchase the belt only or choose the belt and 4 foot optional bungee leash with built-in control handle. Basically what it is, is a really lightweight, neoprene-padded belt that you wear around your waist.
And on either side is a leash holder clip that keeps the leash in place so the leash doesn't swing all around as you're walking or jogging. So you can get either the belt by itself-- see it's got the neoprene lining, makes it nice and comfortable.

It's really lightweight.So you can get the belt by itself, or you can get the system that includes the bungee leash attachment here. I suggest you do this as well.So this is the way I would recommend using the Daisy Runner belt. It gives a good amount of length and also has shock absorption built in, as well as a control handle.So if you want to grab your dog, get him close to you, get him nearby for whatever reason, you have that option. This is a no-pull head harness that we carry at the Dog Outdoors.The one I got on Parker is a little beat up.
That, combined with the bungee shock absorption of the optional Daisy Runner leash is going to offer a great amount of pull absorption when you're walking or jogging your dog. As you could see, the Daisy Runner optional Bungee Leash gives a good bit of space for your dog to roam around, if they want to.So that's one option.
And the benefit of this is that it's never going to hit the ground, never going to get tangled up in your dog's or your legs while you're running. Doesn't offer quite as much shock absorption while you're running, but it's great for joggers or walkers that they have a relatively well behaved dog already.

They just want go hands-free.The Surf's Up Leash just connects in the same way as any other leash. And it is actually meant to feed through the seat belt of your car and keep your dog in one position in the vehicle. But you can see if you attached the two extensions, even if your dogs went in and out of each other because of that swivel, it's going to be anti-tangle. All of these different options that I've talked about today-- the Surf's Up Dog Leash, the Canny Collar, the EzyDog products-- will be on the page.

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