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I got this harness as a gift for my puppy and it works so well - Am enjoying walking my puppy with it everyday!
Recently, the plastic adjuster on our harness broke and, since the product has a lifetime guarantee, I emailed customer service at Sporn to see what they could do for us.
My 3 year old 100lb Great Pyrenees mix dog has always thought that it's so much fun to run at full speed while on her leash to see if that one time that she does it will finally dislocate my arm. Petsafe will instantly, painlessly and effectively make leash walking more pleasant and safe for you and your dog! Our puppy trainer recommended this and it was the first harness we put on our 3 month old pup.

Everything for Your Dog, FOR LESS!If You Don't See It On Our Site, Click or call (916)705-7425   We Beat "The Other Guys" Every Single Day! Our newest best seller in pull control offers total control, style and comfort for your dog.
Measure the circumference of your dog's chest by placing the tape measure all the way around the widest part of the chest (rib cage), a couple of inches behind the front legs. This new mesh harness is a continuation of the legacy started by the original Sporn Halter®. After the first two days of feeling like Cesar Millan, he woke up from shelter shock and started acting like a real dog.

Doggy wanted to eat it and would plop down on the floor and on his back which made adjusting very difficult. The best thing is don't have to worry about her being choked from the pulling of the leash attached to her collar.

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