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With increasing pet-parent demand for dog and cat treats containing healthy ingredients all made and sourced in the USA, Loving Pets responded by launching its own on-site manufacturing in New Jersey in 2010.
Natural Value® Meat Treats – Proof that farmed and made in the USA meat treats can be affordable. It’s Purely Natural®  Chicken and Beef Lung varieties – Farmed and made in the USA cat treats. By now we’ve all probably heard about the toxic dog treats from China that have caused so many tragic dog deaths and complications. The FDA is continuing to investigate all jerky treats and the causes of these illnesses and deaths. This entry was posted in Dog Food, Homemade Treats, Pet Health, Pet Industry News, Pet Products, Pet Safety, Uncategorized.

On July 17th from 2-3pm EST, join Nudges wholesome dog treats for a Twitter chat about creating Nudges moments with your pet, and what makes a great day from a pet’s perspective. Yummy Natural Value treats are available as Tenders (chicken, duck), Meat Sticks (chicken, duck, beef), and Sausages (chicken, duck, beef). Since 2007, that FDA has received more than 5000 reports of illnesses believed to be related to consuming jerky treats.
I try to pet her & talk to her {yes, I regularly talk to my dog} a lot but I’ve been so sick it’s been hard to do more than cuddle lately.
Before we even unloaded our bags from the store Bella was sniffing around more than usual &I could tell that she could smell the treats. I wasn’t sure if she’d be able to figure out how to get the treat but it only took her about 10 minutes to get it out.

Since these tragedies, there has been a mass movement to take all treats that are made in China off the store shelves and most pet parents have been paying attention to where the treats are made before giving them to their dogs.
The FDA believes that there is an association between these illnesses and the treats made in China, but it has not been proven that this is the cause. The second I grabbed the bag of Nudges, she sat down & gave me a high-five, my go-to command for her to earn treats. So I decided to head to the store & pick up a toy that I could keep her entertained with by filling it with some healthy dog treats.

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