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This dog training whistle will be an effective tool for teaching your dog to follow your commands. Not only will it help to train your dog but this ultrasonic whistle will be a repellent for those dogs you want to stop barking. It takes a bit of time and some patience to train your dog but your dog will learn to obey you from this dog whistle.
There are instances when all you want to do is to teach your dog to stop barking and don't want to harm your dog with those dog barking control devices this is the elite little dog bark control device to keep them quite but also unharmed.

Let's face it a dog bark control collar isn't the most pleasant thing for your kind and adorable pet. While your dog is sleeping gently blow on the whistle until you can tell the dog notices the sound. 2 - To train your dog you should become familiar with the whistle and how loud and soft you can blow into it with the dog still being able to hear it. An example is to blow the whistle before giving the dog a treat and teaching them what to do for the sound you gave before rewarding the dog.

Continue to do this and your dog will learn to obey you and the commands that you have taught it.

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