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And, the good news is that if you have an older dog that needs a little help in this area, that is no problem at all, even old dogs can learn a few new tricks! If you leave him outside for an extended period of time, chances are when you bring him back in he will need to go outside again soon or have an accident. Dog behavior training is more than making your dog all obedient and safe to leave home alone, process is to complex to reduce it to this. People who bring their puppies straight home and allow complete access to the house, have the most trouble with potty training.

Potty training is all about you and it is your responsibility when he is young to help him be successful. When you are training an older dog to use a crate the process is similar to training a puppy. Since dog owners have to be an active part involved in dog behavior training, they come to learn and discover the unexpressed sides of their pets.
By remembering these principles and being patient with your dog you should be able to see results with your dog in no time.

These four dog training tips help address the shy, aggressive dog – use them before you make the decision to have your pet put down.

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