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All equipment is adjustable for all training proposes, including obedience, k-9 specialty, sport or recreational.
All our affordable dog agility equipment has reinforced lightweight metal frames for stability and strength. The metal pieces are all custom built by hand and require time to prepare each individual dog agility equipment order. The Travel Agility Jump Set  is a portable, take it with you, dog agility training equipment set that can be used indoors or outdoors.  They are perfect for taking anywhere. These six agility training obtacles all fit in a bag and weigh only 18 lbs.  Just sling this portable practice dog agility course over your shoulder and practice dog agility at parks, beaches, camping, or anywhere you want! I found this set to be the most practicle, inexpensive way to get the most value in dog agility training equipment.
Dog obedience jumps are simple devices that help dog owners train and control their dogs off leash. Show dogs need special training in order to run through tunnels, jump obstacles and weave poles.
If the handler has confidence that the dog won’t break the stay, the handler might start preparing to go to the next obstacle.

Our product line of dog training equipment , dog supplies, and handlers items is the highest quality and affordable. Please browse through our online catalog for dog training information and pictures of our products including metal teeters with an adjustable base, including wing and wingless jumps. Leash Tabs allow the trainer to release the dog to go through tunnels or over obstacles without it interfereing with the movement of the dog or snaging on the obstacle.  Leash Tabs are also made in Leather and cloth at fixed lengths.
An extensive line of dog training equipment enables dog owners and professional trainers to achieve basic control and reinforce these with specific commands. These tunnels teach a dog how to navigate a small area and how to feel comfortable when their peripheral vision is limited. I feel like both of those stores have exactly the same products, but lack the unique dog products that I am so desperately looking for. NW Agility also features handmade long jump and tire jump pieces, dog obedience collars, panel and cup jumps. While some people may choose to practice their dog’s agility training at home, it is important to realize that dogs can benefit from training along side other dogs. I have often wanted to practice dog obedience at home with my dog Hoops, but I just haven’t been able to find the right products.

I was able to order the supplies I needed to train my dog at home, and I even saved the huge amount of money I would’ve spent on obedience classes.
Checkout the dog agility news page that features current articles and stories about mans best friend in our new full product store. I am confident that you and your dog will have a lot of fun practicing with this agility equipment.
At Windryder, you can find dog agility equipment fore both beginning and advanced dog handlers.
In addition to improving a dog’s show quality, agility training is great exercise for a dog, teaches handlers how to control their dogs in stressful situations, and teaches dogs how to act when they’re not on a leash.

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