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It looks like we don't have a specific address for P and I Dog Training and Pet Services, which makes giving directions tricky. We provide service and trained K9 for malls, hotels, business establishments, passenger terminals, local gov't units, politicians, PNP stations, etc.
Audrey is amazing, her techniques along with her patients have not only helped my dog but helped me as well. Glad I did.Dave is completely down to earth, always on time, very honest and straightforward and he really knows his dogs. He has also been socialized with other dogs so he now has lots of new friends without making mommy nervous.

You hire Dave to train your dog, but you realize that he is also training you on how to be a good dog owner.
More than anything, Dave helps you understand what is needed to reinforce the lessons you and your dog have learned together, helping establish a great bond between you and your dog. I decided to give Audrey a shot & with her 6 week training program Auggie is a completely different dog. My dog also did not know how to socialize with other dogs, she would cry bark and pull to go towards them, and amazing Audrey also helped with that. Luna now walks without pulling, sits and stays on command and knows how to socialize with other dogs.

If you need help with your dog don't hesitate on calling Audrey, she literally does wonders. It's not about the owner controlling the dog - it's about learning to fully accept and live in harmony with your dog!

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