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Personal Protection Dogs For Sale - Protection Dog Pricing and Training Process from the leading Federally Licensed Police K9 & Personal Protection Dog Training Center!!
Started & Certified European Imported Police K9's For Sale to Law Enforcement and Government Agencies Only! We consider ourselves to be embassadors for our dogs wellbeing and happiness, and take our processes very seriously.
Our dogs are then raised in the home with their Trainers family, and properly Motivationally trained on a daily basis until they are mentally and physically mature, and ready for placement with their new family.
Dog", it is raised in the home with children and around other animals as a truly loved and valued member of the Family, it is part of the family in everyday life.
A Personal Protection Dog is also a good Family Protection Dog yet has more extensive ability and training. If you are in a moderate to High Security Risk Level, you most likely have a substantiated need for Security Performance without compromise.
The ultimate protectors and loyal companions with elite specialized training to Detect-Deter-Defend against any real-world threat. If you have a moderate to high security risk level, then you need - Learn more about Executive Estate Security Dogs. Most useful and effective Breeds for Family Protection, Personal Protection, and Security dogs, FAQ, selection process, and more. Police Service Dogs (PSDs), Police K9's & Official K9 Handler Training Courses - EXCEEDING National Certification Standards!
World-Class Guard & Security Dogs For Sale from the leading Federally Licensed Police K9 & Personal Protection Dog Training Center!!
Highly Trained & Certified European Imported Trained Guard Dog & Security Dogs For Sale! Our Security Dogs & Guard Dogs are highly trained in Area Security to deter unwanted intruders from entering a controlled private location which is off-limits to the general public. Specialty training is focused on Handler Protection, After Business Hours Patrol, or Estate Security and Area Security. For current availability of Guard Dogs for sale,or to apply for purchase, please contact us for detailed information.
All dogs that complete any of our Training Courses are eligible for free refresher courses when necessary for the rest of their life.
TRAINED COMPANION DOGS FOR SALEOur World Class Training Companion dogs are “le creme de le creme” in their category.

Not only are you getting a great dog, fully trained using the best methods available today, but you get a team of experts behind you for a year and beyond, to give you unconditional help and support when you need it! Our Goal is for you to go home with your new best friend knowing that this was absolutely one of the best decisions that you’ve ever made in your life.
Even though the dogs in level 1 are primarily trained to respond only while on leash out in the public we do however train them and require them to listen off-leash to their commands while inside of their own home.
Sitting politely at the front door when guests enter your home so there is no jumping up on people, crowding guests, or the dog being very pushy trying to get attention and acknowledgement from your guests which can be highly annoying to anyone who enters your home. When out on walks and people come over to say hello to you or your dog we make sure there is no jumping or lunging up on people from the overload of stimulation that people cause in a dog from those overly excitable greetings. No aggression towards humans (adults or children) , other dogs or cats and well behaved, well socialized.
All Level 2 dogs are trained around real world scenarios and distractions to assure that they have the highest level of obedience possible while off leash.
No aggression towards humans (adults or children), other dogs or cats and well behaved, well socialized. Basically these dogs are trained as level 2 dogs, but with the added benefit that they already come ready to be certified as ‘Therapy Dogs’**.
We get all of our level 3 dogs certified with a professional Therapy Dog evaluator and registered as a certified Therapy Dog** with a reputable international agency.
Our Training OptionsOur business model and philosophy leads us to provide to our clients two different levels of training for dogs and owners, depending upon the role your dog is to play in the life of your life and, if appropriate, that of your family.
You may make using the reference, nevertheless, you also needs to pay a visit for the training center before confirming it. From the high quality dogs that we choose, the lifetime services that we offer with your purchase, to the training that we instill in all of our dogs, you love your experience right from day one. This would be an owner who prefers to keep their dogs on leash at all times when in public, and who is not interested in taking dog out of house, unless it is for a short walk around the neighborhood or to the vet. So, you can see how important the Break command is because it has an attachment to every command that the dog knows and is a crucial component to the whole obedience system. This means that they will not only have all the training that a Level 2 dog has, but they will have the training they need to be certified as Therapy Dogs**. Having a therapy certified dog** May give the owner the freedom to do more things with their therapy certified dog** than non-therapy certified dogs can do. Any owner who is interested in spot on real world obedience, anywhere, anytime, this is the type of dog for them.

Dog Force 1 is not able to certify therapy dogs, therefore the owner will be guided and referred to outside agencies to take, and pass the service dog test,with our support and help, after dog is fully trained and competent. Provided you present a signed and verifiable doctor’s note stating the owner of the dog has a disability that is recognized by the ADA and is a legitimate candidate  to own a  service dog.
We define those different levels of training in terms that will be readily recognizable as to the level of discipline required to function in each category.
This is only achieved by PROPER education, socialization, and Training by a truly experienced professional.
All of our level 1 dogs will also perform all of these commands around the highest of distractions. All of our level 2 dogs will also perform all of these commands around the highest of distractions while off a leash.
All of our level 3 dogs will also perform all of these commands around the highest of distractions while on or off a leash. Great dog for people who wish to have their dog with them at all times because of their great behavior. Thus far Dog Force  1 trained dogs have and 100% success rate in become therapy dogs and passing the test with flying colors. They also want the dog to exhibit great manners and social skills with guests and family members alike.
To cafes, or dog parks, the beach, or travel…or who just want to have their dog jog or walk alongside them on a trail, or around their neighborhood. PLUS, who wish to take their dog to hospitals or nursing homes and allow the dogs to meet and help the patients there and bring a smile to their face.
Rather than that, dogs which are effectively trained have the possibility of sticking with the identical manager. Level 2 dogs are by far the most popular request we get and the best trained dogs you will EVER encounter! Limits can be trained to the dogs through instruction and hence you can aid them to be convenient when they are about human beings.
There are plenty of specialists who train dogs and there are diverse selection of plans to train the dogs.

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