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Our fields are planted in switch grass and we are adjacent to the Elkhart River for our water training needs. Boberosa Gun Dogs is a premier gun dog breeder and training facility located in Northeast Indiana. Dogs have the power to inspire, offer hope, give love and teach us valuable lessons about life. Carefully screened female and male offenders living inside medium and maximum security Indiana correctional facilities train ICAN dogs for up to two years. Once a handler acquires 3,600 hours in training and education, they receive a Certificate in Assistance Dog Training from the Department of Labor.

Completed in the spring of 2006, the 3000 + square foot training building was designed by us to meet the needs of our clientele.
For retriever training, physical conditioning as well as just plain fun, the pond is located a short walk from the training building and kennel.
We are a registered bird dog training grounds with the state of Indiana allowing us to use game birds year round. Located within a short drive of Fort Wayne IN, Indianapolis IN, South Bend IN, Elkhart IN,Gary IN, Toledo OH, Chicago IL and Battle Creek MI and Lansing MI. Effective programming, like ICAN, that provides job training and employment skills reduces the likelihood of recidivism while helping to transition the offender back into our community.

In addition to the work with their handlers, each dog is removed regularly to take part in ICAN's community-based furloughs where the dog learns the ways of the world in which they will ultimately work. The dog acts as a bridge for the inmate and their children to connect and to feel part of each other's world.
The flooring was manufactured specifically for dog training and provides excellent traction as well as protection for canine athletes and their handlers. Natural and artificial light make for optimal training conditions any time.

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