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Little Barkers provides private dog and puppy training lessons in the College Station and Bryan, Texas, area. As a lifelong animal lover, I have always wanted to work with animals, and training has infused such joy in my life. The basis of my training method is with the use of a clicker, a method of dog training taught by the Karen Pryor Academy. All methods implemented in training your dog are based on the science that a desired behavior, such as coming when called, is positively reinforced. As a graduate of the Karen Pryor Academy, a highly recognized school for dog trainers, I have had comprehensive instruction on positive training techniques based on the science of behavior.

As a volunteer for Patriot Paws, located in College Station, I have the chance to give back to the community while helping an amazing cause.
A: I can do training with you and your pet while you are home or provide day training while you are out for the day.
A: It all depends on what your expectations are and how much work you are willing to put into training your dog between each of our sessions. A: As long as your older dog is still physically capable of performing the behavior you want, we will have just as much success as we would with a puppy.
Trust only the certified and seasoned dog trainer of Leash In Hand Professional Dog Training in College Station, Texas.

I aim to educate dog owners and solve behavioral problems through canine obedience training.
Always working toward continuing my education, I continue to attend seminars and training to better understand dogs and animal behavior. From potty training to personal protection and advanced obedience, I offer comprehensive behavioral training and instructions to train your dog for life.

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