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PetSmart has Accredited Pet Training Instructors who teach positive reinforcement techniques in a fun, interactive environment. To make treating super fast and effective as a reinforcer, keep treats on you and accessible with something like this hands-free dog treat bag that clips on your belt or waistband.
A few days ago I shared some training tips and tools in honor of National Train Your Dog Month and now I’m back with a DOG-tastic giveaway, courtesy of PetSmart! In addition to great pet supplies including toys, food, grooming products and gear, most PetSmart locations also offer a range of training classes including Puppy, Basic, and Advanced.
To help pet parents celebrate National Train Your Dog Month, PetSmart is giving away TWO great prize packages!
Cooper is 22 months-old (almost 2 years-old) and he’s taken a training course before: puppy school! My dog is call Batman and he has 1 year and 8 months I have never take him to a training class! My Daisy Mae needs to work on stay when the door opens so she won’t run out of the house and across the street to see the neighbor dog.
We are actually JUST about to adopt a dog from the city rescue, so I don’t know the name or age yet That is why we will DEFINITELY be needing all of the prizes here.
We did three different series of training classes at PetsMart with Neeko, and I really liked the set up and our trainer, particularly.

We were in puppy classes at PetSmart before Mohinder had to take medical leave due to swallowing a toy! A dog that hasn’t been properly socialized may startle easily, bark at a certain type of person or clothing or react poorly to other new experiences in the future. Pet parents are invited to bring their dogs (2 years and younger) to have leash-free play time in gated area of the store! It’s just $10 – no registration needed and no long-term requirements, pet parents are invited to just bring their pup and enjoy the fun! Involving your dog in life-long learning keeps them engaged and helps to strengthen the bond between you and your fur kid.
Dog training school can help give you the tools you need to sustain success when your classes are complete.
For example, having great training treats available to quickly reward your dog as he or she displays the correct behavior or response, will give them positive reinforcement and let them know good stuff happens when they figure out what you want them to do!
You want something really tiny but yummy so that your dog will work hard for them but not get fat, since you’ll be giving a lot at first. I was reading some great training articles the other day about clicker training, and I’m also a bit inspired to give it another try. However, he only had four or five classes at the local  humane society and could use more obedience training. We started in puppy class and went through Intermediate and Advanced, as well as Click-a-trick.

I just forgot to click the announcement button in Rafflecopter…thanks for the reminder!
This type of interaction is especially important during the winter months, when dogs spend a lot of time indoors. Bailie and Mom also are hanging our at PetsMart and places like that to work on her training with distractions. Also check out the deals on natural training treats like these Zuke’s Mini Naturals in Salmon Flavor.
Daisy still has her moments, for sure, but I was so surprised at what a difference a training class made.
She’s developing Advanced 3 and Click a Trick 2 for us now =) Shiloh also takes agility classes and attends agility seminars when we can, and I do lots of training on my own. You can train your dog to follow a point and ultimately use it to teach your dog the names of people and objects.
Ultimately you can teach your dog to bring his bowl or find something…perhaps one day my dream of having a dog who will fetch my slippers can be realised!

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