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This is mainly why, in recent years, participating in a dog forum has become a norm, no matter if you are a novice pet owner or a seasoned one. Despite the fact that there are several reliable sources of information and advice pertaining to pet ownership, the number of participants in forums continues to grow. Another reason why pet owners are driven to forums and other online sources is that they can readily find answers to common issues like behavioral and medical problems.
At best, forums and websites dedicated to pets and their masters are meant to supplement the professional advice and attention of a vet and trainer.
Also, you should carefully choose which forums to participate in and which websites to look into.
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For example, certain websites may deem certain breeds as unsuitable for a suburban setting or apartment living. For any issues regarding your pet, particularly when it comes to its health, nothing can substitute the experience and expertise of a trained professional like a veterinarian and a dog trainer. However, other pet owners participating in forums may have success stories that they can impart to other forum members which they can emulate. In some cases, there might be owners who turn to forums to get advice among other members with regards to their frustrations in training their pets.

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