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Preventing misbehavior may not teach your dog everything about how you want him to behave, but it is a great place to start because it keeps you sane and keeps him from learning how fun it might be to do naughty things. A crate is helpful for working on housetraining as well as a prevention tool for times when you are not home or are otherwise unavailable to supervise your dog. Put a blanket inside the crate along with a bunch of yummy treats and close the door leaving the dog outside of the crate. Pet gates: A gate can be placed between doorways to help keep your dog out of non-puppy-proofed areas and prevent housetraining accidents and destructive chewing.
The giant screw enables it to be safely fastened into the ground & the revolving attachment for the lead means that your dog will not get tangled up.
The leash used to tether a dog must be at least 10 feet long, when rounded to the nearest whole foot, and must not exceed one-eighth of the dog’s body weight. The following instructions will help you to prevent your dog from destroying your home, becoming fearful or aggressive, barking or hyper behavior and more!

Avoid forcing your dog into his crate as this will serve to convince him it is a scary place. This is not recommended for use without supervision because it is possible he could get the tether tangled around his neck and choke. Beware, some dogs are great at jumping over these, so you may want to purchase the tallest one you can find if you suspect you have a bounding hound!
Food can be very useful in managing and training your dog and too valuable to give away for free in two quick meals! A person must also make sure the dog does not suffer from a condition that is known by the owner to be exacerbated by tethering, and they are prohibited from tethering their dog with tow or log chains. His crate should be made of plastic or wire and should be just big enough for your dog to lay down and change position comfortably. In order to lawfully tether a dog at a residence or business, an owner must protect their dog by making sure it is not tethered in a manner that will allow it to reach within the property of another person, a public walkway or a road, The animal must also be tethered in a manner that will prevent it from becoming entangled with other tethered dogs.

Fabric crates are handy for a dog that is already calm in his crate but not durable enough for dogs that are not crate trained or those who like to chew or try to escape.
The crate offers your dog a safe place to relax and prevents misbehavior like destructive chewing and housetraining accidents.
Learning to be comfortable in his crate is also important if your dog ever needs surgery, to go to a groomer, boarding kennel, or to travel. Your dog will most likely enjoy being in his crate if you take a little time to teach him what a nice place it can be and associate it with his favorite things.

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