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In other instances, such as if the driver is involved in a traffic accident or even just makes a sudden stop, an unsecured dog can be thrown from the bed of a truck into oncoming traffic, more often than not with tragic results for the dog and, in some cases, for the occupants of other vehicles.
Despite it being against the law, many dog owners still allow their animals to ride unsecured in the back of pickup trucks, such as the two pictured above. The bottom line is that as much as Fido may love running around the back of your moving pickup truck, it is against the law.
Dogs, like humans, are social creatures and require the companionship of their "pack." Without the benefit of companionship and socialization it accords, dogs can become neurotic, depressed or aggressive. Left alone and exposed, dogs will become fearful, aggressive, anxious and desperate, putting anyone who comes close at risk.

Left alone for hours, days and months on a chain can cause immense psychological damage to the dog. The BC SPCA is active in responding to cruelty complaints and lobbying municipal governments to adopt stronger animal care bylaws that prevent tethering as a primary means of confinement for dogs. Resources are available to provide all tethered and outdoor dog owners the training information they need. Left alone to watch the world go by, a tethered dog's heartbreaking story is in stark contrast to that of a beloved family pet. Talk with friends, family, neighbours and acquaintances and take our Facebook pledge to promote dogs as part of the family.

BC SPCA constables have educational materials on outdoor dogs to help owners transition their dog inside.

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