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No matter how you view licking by a dog, this behavior is extremely common, yet a nuisance to some people.
The only time you should stop constant licking is if the dog is licking himself incessantly, using licking as a fear reaction, or licking as an obsessive compulsive behavior. Once you determine that the licking is not connected to a health concern, or some larger problem, you can move on to the next step. When training your dog not to lick you, understand that this behavior is typically attention-seeking.
The best way to eliminate the licking, then, is to eliminate the attention you give your dog when he licks.
I LOVE to lick all kinds of stuff!Stop Dog Licking.Dog licking is natural but sometimes a dog wont stop licking!

August 17, 2015 posted by EditorBy Nancy CopeNature has placed severe limitations of the ability of dogs to communicate.Body language is their only resource.
There are too many reasons behind face licking, the first reason is that licking the owner’s face is a behavior that means the bond is so strong between you and your dog, he loves you. Leave the dog alone for about 20 seconds and repeat the process and see if he tries to lick you again.
The most important reason of all is that dogs are enjoying your company, your dog loves being around you, licking your face is a way of showing love, so don’t stop your dog or push him away. Charles Raison who said that the dog’s saliva or simply the dogs’ kisses to their owners can act as a probiotic that effects the humans’ immune health. However, because I train service dogs, from my perspective jumping can become very helpful if the dog needs to retrieve an item.

And of course you heard someone who said before that dog’s saliva is full of bacteria, but read this article and share it with all who tells you this! After all, mature dogs are known to use their tongues to drink from the toilet, wash all body parts, eat their own feces, and then lick your face with that same tongue. You have to know that now lots of studies are made to prove that the dog licks are healthy, so one lick of your dog a day will keep the doctor away. The training will be generally ineffective if the dog learns that face licking is acceptable to everyone in the home except you.

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