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One of our volunteers bought the 6 foot soft lead with martingale collar from a local retailer and we are most impressed with the quality. The martingale style leash is one of the most common leads used to move dogs from one location to another. The reason I chose to import this lead from Belgium was because of the quality of workmanship and the slip guide works the way these kind of guides should work. There are times when I need to throw a leash on her quick and this leash is perfect for that.

I ordered a couple of these slip leads for back up leads if a client forgets or does not have basic equipment.
While it's not a training leash it is the PERFECT LEASH to hang by your door (I have 3 hanging by our door) to be ready to take your dog outside or to take a well trained dog for a walk.
Because of it's small size, this would be the perfect back-up leash for police officers to keep in a pocket. I've tried other martingale and British leashes, but they are too thick and inevitably fall out of my pocket.

However, after using the lead a few times I saw the benefit of using it as a sort of default primary lead with green dogs I don't have to dig through my equipment bag and find a choke collar that fits.

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