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The dog safely harness is a great product, well made and our dog is comfortable and safe with strong leads, hooks and chest protector. Keep your furry family member safe while on the road by placing them in the automobile dog safety harness. Keeping your dog safely tethered is quickly becoming standard practice for many motorists, and many states have pending legislation that will soon make it mandatory.
Sturdy, with vital information plainly displayed, I own three for each of my dogs and gave one as a gift for Christmas.
Our last harness for the car was so heavy that when ever our dog would move it would slide around her body and we would have to adjust it again. This specially designed harness acts as a sort of child car seat but for your pet, ensuring that your small dog will travel comfortably while strapped up for safety.
This car harness for dogs utilizes a lightweight, comfortable vest with 600-denier nylon strapping, two high-grade aluminum carabiners, and an adjustable tether that easily attaches to your vehicle's seat belts or child-seat anchors.
I really like the tether, it hooks easily to the child safety restraint on my back seat, and keeps my buddies in place.
Then he started acting like a kid whining because he couldn't get up close to us and lunging against the harness till he had marks under his shoulders, so we went back to the leash. Airbags prevent head injuries and the possibility of being thrown through the windshield.However, some dog owners do not seem to realize that they need to pay as much attention to dog safety in cars. Without a dog safety harness, dogs also are at risk of head whiplash and spinal injury from sudden stops, they can be shaken around in a quickly moving car, or thrown through a windshield.Risks of Unrestrained Dogs in CarsA car running at 50 mph will throw out its 10 lb furry passenger with 500 lbs of force if it suddenly brakes or crashes, according to AAA Traffic-safety Programs Manager Jennifer Heubner-Davidson.
The heavier the dog, the greater the risk: a 50 lb dog thrown out of a car braking from 30 mph will meet any obstacle with 1500 lbs of force.

52% pet their dogs while driving, 23% hold their dogs still while applying the brakes, 19% prevent their dogs from making their way to the front seat, while 18% actually reach back to pet the dog in the backseat.This increases the overall risk of crashing, according to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety. 29% of dog owners were aware of stories about dogs who either suffered injury or unconsciously injured others in a car crash.Since only 16% of dog owners use restraints while driving with their dogs, it is clear that the risk of car accidents are quite high.
Most versions give the dog some slack, so that they can still watch out the windows without falling out, and run around the seat. Ideally, it should be as comfortable for the dog as possible, besides keeping him safe.The design of the harness, naturally, depends on the manufacturer. But according to the 2011 study of the Center for Pet Safety (CPS), for maximum dog safety in cars,the safety harness should at least 1) restrict the dog to the backseat, 2) protect the dog from spinal injury by restricting sideways movement, and 3) keep the dog‘s head from hitting the front seats. First, the brand should on no account “exhibit any catastrophic failures.” These are defined as failures of the harness to, first, prevent the dog from being launched as a projectile. Second, to stay intact or unbroken in case of a crash.Second, the brand should be consistently effective across all of the harness sizes. According to CPS, this tests the attention of the manufacturer to the details of the harness. There is usually padding on the straps over the chest area, to give the dog cushioning in case of a crash. A length of leash either buckles straight into the backseat buckle receiver, or into the loop holding the buckle receiver.Of the 7 brands tested, 20 harnesses were tested in all (6 brands with 3 sizes, 1 brand with 2).
Of these, 30% of the harnesses exhibited catastrophic failures, particularly if they were the larger or smaller harnesses. Also, CPS referenced the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) 213 as a baseline for the maximum distance a pet‘s head could travel forward in the case of a sudden brake or crash, without hitting the front seats.

Some reached as far as 70 inches, putting the dog extremely at risk, as well as the passengers. One review by “stormy neff” describes the performance of the ClickIt Utility harness during an actual accident.
Since the ClickIt Utility harness has three points of restraint (behind and to each side), the harness has to be linked up to a car buckle on either side, and then to a closed seatbelt at the back.
However, it is this three-point restraint design which makes the ClickIt Utility harness the safest on the market.The Bergan Dog Auto HarnessA much more affordable option, the Bergan Dog Auto Harness is optimal for traveling with a dog, but not for getting into an accident with one.
Because there is only one tether, the dog leaves the seat during a crash, and then falls over the seat onto the floor.
User “Pearl S.” says, “This harness allows my dog to stand, sit, lie down or move on the backseat and still kept her from falling or slipping when a fast stop was necessary.
Other harnesses we have tried were much too restrictive.” User “kpha” reports, “Great for travel. The CPS test shows that the dog is thrown off the seat and lands against the seat edge during a crash. The adjustable straps also give some trouble, as the dog can sometimes loosen them with continuous pulling. Others complain that the steel buckles make it too heavy.While at home, an invisible dog fence is a great safety item to help protect your dog from disease and accidents, and Quality Dog Fence is a great site to learn more.

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