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I’ve learned a lot about puppies, dogs, and training over the last few years and one thing that has really stuck out in my head is never chase your dog!
Of course, Stetson thought this was a great game and continued to play keep away from all the Walmart employees. In my experiences running away from your dog or puppy is an effective way to get them to come to you. The main point is you want to be sure your dog will come to you when you call his or her name.

Now all of this being said I would be remiss not to mention the importance of paying attention to your dog. One of the most common complaints we hear from dog parents have something to do with their canine companion’s selective hearing.
Many dog owners expect this word to be part of a dog’s genetic code, when in fact it is no different than teaching a dog sit, stay or shake! If you aren’t sure that your dog has successfully learned the word come check out our Reliable Recall training techniques.

But in order to answer some of these timeless questions you will need to think more like a dog.

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