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If your little dog coughs when he pulls on his leash or if your cat gags after he drinks water, then collapsing trachea might be the cause. Jo Chester holds a certificate in pet dog training from Triple Crown Academy for Dog Trainers. Coughing is usually a clue we have a cold or the flu, and it’s also how we clear our throat.
Some small dogs and certain breeds, such as the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Cocker Spaniel, Boxer and Doberman, are more prone to congestive heart failure than other canines.
Canine flu is a highly contagious respiratory virus that can infect dogs any time of the year.
Popular Labelsdog behavior (269) canine health (119) responsible pet ownership (109) dog training (103) dog breeds (91) dogs (86) love (68) animal shelters (60) pet food (60) cats (58) fun and games (46) training (39) AKC (39) dog food (35) body language of dogs (35) veterinary care (31) TidNips (30) Felidae cat food (30) basic commands (24) allergies (23) Snap-Bits (22) Special Achievers (19) behavior problems (17) service dogs (17) dog grooming (15) therapy animals (13) dog treat (12) pet travel (12) grain free (11)ethosWe are proud to share with you our advanced research and development center and manufacturing facility in Brownwood, Texas. PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Pulling on the leash can be a problem for many people as they take their dogs out for a daily walk.
Severe pressure can form at the site of the dog’s collar posing problems for the dog’s trachea or windpipe causing coughing, severe panting, difficulty breathing, wheezing or a choking sensation.
Leash pulling has its roots in overexcitement and over-reaction to the many distractions the dog may incur.

There are a few ways that work but be patient and keep in mind that different techniques will work with different dogs. Collapsing trachea affects animals both old and young, but dogs are more likely to be affected than are cats. Your dog or cat also may gag or vomit after eating or drinking, or he may have difficulty breathing during exercise or when he is excited. She has trained dogs for competition in conformation, Rally and traditional obedience and agility. Awns have sticky dagger-like hooks that go one way and can pierce the skin and move through the body of dogs and cats, causing injury and even death.
As much as it’s a problem for you, it’s also a problem for your dog and must be corrected for their safety. If your dog or cat has difficulty breathing or if he has bluish gums or, worst of all, if he faints, bring him to the vet immediately!
Dogs can also develop a cough that could be nothing to worry about, or an indication of medical issues you need to be aware of.
If you notice your dog licking his lips and making swallowing motions, and he has a high pitched gagging cough, it could be a sign of a sore throat, or an indication he has something caught in his throat.

Most healthy dogs recover from both strains of flu on their own, but older dogs, puppies and canines with depressed immune systems are more at risk of developing pneumonia.
Your dog can be infected if he has spent time in a kennel, at the groomer, a dog park, a training class or anywhere there’s multiple dogs.
Ways to prevent the problem include feeding a quality dog food like CANIDAE Grain Free PURE to maintain a healthy weight, providing moderate exercise, teaching your dog not to pull on his leash, using a harness instead of a leash, and avoiding situations that cause him to cough.
This weakness causes your dog to cough from the pressure his collar puts on his neck as he pulls against his leash.
Metastatic lung cancer migrates to the lungs from other parts of the body through the bloodstream and is more common, especially in dogs over 10 years.

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