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If you are still keen to continue, put a choke chain around your neck, attach it to a leash, and ask a friend to pull and jerk on it periodically.
I also want to share with you why I believe that collar injuries make dogs sick and what the alternatives are. The reason why I am so weary of collars is that when dogs pull they can cause a lot of damage.
Here are a few examples of issues that may be related to collars, to help you understand how important the health and alignment of the neck is to the general health of your dog. For the longest time I have been puzzled about the high rates of thyroid issues in breeds who frequently pull on the leash, such as Labrador Retrievers and German Shepherds. When dogs pull on the leash, the collar restricts the blood and lymphatic flow to and from the head. Most people do not know that leashes and collars can be at the core of many problems, and that just one incident of pulling or running fast to the end of the leash can be serious. Over the years, I have searched for the best way of making dogs safe and to prevent neck injuries and tried many harness system.
Harnesses that have the leash attached at the front of the chest are the best solution, because they distribute the pressure of tugs and jerks throughout the whole body and keep the neck and throat free.

Whenever you see a dog pulling and choking on the collar, gather the courage to approach their guardian. There are things called traction injuries where the arm is pulled suddenly from the socket. I have learned that if the flow of energy in the neck is interrupted or restricted, a whole array of problems may arise, including lameness, skin issues, allergies, lung and heart problems, digestive issues, ear and eye conditions and thyroid gland dysfunctions. My clients are often perplexed when their dogs’ ear and eye problems disappear after switching from a collar to the right harness. Many harnesses on the market have the leash attached on the back, and pulling still restricts the front portion of the neck, thereby pressing on veins, arteries, nerves and energy channels.
You may want to get his thyroid level measured and the neck and back checked for any signs of injuries. One example of such an injury is what I often will call Big Dog Traction injuries (not Big Dawg). This gland gets severely traumatized whenever a dog pulls on the leash, it becomes inflamed and is consequently “destroyed” by the body’s own immune system when it tries to remove the inflamed thyroid cells. These dogs are often misdiagnosed as allergic, when all that needs to be done is to remove the collar and treat the neck injury.

It fits excellently on most dogs and the straps do not fall too low, which keeps the shoulders nice and free.
If your dog appears stiff or has had a history of neck, back and joint injury, Zyflamend and Glyco-Flex may be very beneficial. It comes from people who have large dogs and when those dogs pull violently after seeing another dog, squirrel or postal worker, they yank the leash that is attached to the person’s hand and pain develops from the traction of the biceps and labrum pulling off the glenoid. I think there is a tendency for new people to start looking at the leader boards checking the records and saying to themselves “I can get that tomorrow or the next day” as opposed to staying in control and gradually work up their progression of weight. Imagine a weight pulling down on your arm and the rotator cuff, biceps, and all the other shoulder stabilizer muscles resisting that force and contracting to keep your arm from being pulled down. Don’t get me wrong unleashing the Dogs of Fury is great and fun, but I just want people to unleash the Dogs as opposed to be getting pulled by the leash.

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