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Editor’s note: This is the first in a new monthly column exploring the problems, dilemmas, and opportunities posed by the stuff we (or in this case, our pets) make.
Even the converting of dog poop into energy is a fairly recent development, that I only wished was available 25 years ago! We're trying to spread the word about the extremely detrimental effects from leaving dog poop behind with specifically addressing the correlation between dog waste and water pollution. When I started my pet waste removal service back in 1988, dog poop could not be used a s compost or fertilizer. Many of the elements - especially the data - have only recently come together for people to understand the severity of the problem. We created an infographic to illustrate the poop cycle and its detrimental effects on our environment if left unscooped. I'm glad you pointed out that it should not be used to fertilize edible foods as many of the pathogens in dog waste do not die, even when composted at higher temperatures.
Add in litter from our more than 90 million cats, and you’ve got enough pet waste to fill more than 5,000 football fields ten feet deep, according to another poop-scooping company. True, poop is not exactly an environmental threat on the order of carbon pollution, nuclear waste, or a Superfund site. Dogs can harbor lots of viruses, bacteria, and parasites—including harmful pathogens like e coli, giardia and salmonella.

Just two to three days of waste from 100 dogs can contribute enough bacteria, nitrogen, and phosphorous to close 20 miles of a bay watershed to swimming and shellfishing, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. It’s a question that has nagged me for years as I’ve followed my dog on walks, plastic bags at the ready.
She’s a dog owner herself, but her real concern stems from her work at the Pacific Shellfish Institute. She helps to safeguard the region’s clam, oyster, and mussel beds, which can be polluted by dog poop. For one month last year, Christy spent many of her lunch breaks picking up dog poop in public parks. That’s because only about 60 percent of dog owners pick up after their pets, according to surveys. There’s something unsettling, if not downright disgusting, to think of tons of plastic-wrapped dog turds being entombed underground.
A compostable bag of poop that degrades in that circumstance would start producing methane, a potent greenhouse gas.
Dog poop, at four percent of the waste stream, is one of those vexing fractions standing in the way of getting to zero.Most commercial composters are already processing dog and cat waste that gets swept up in municipally collected yard trimmings. Maybe the problem is that we are looking at poop as waste, rather than what it really is: a resource that could—and should—be recycled for compost or energy.

Even cities with curbside programs that compost food scraps and other organic waste discourage people from putting dog waste in their compost bins, because commercial composting facilities don’t want it. In fact, most commercial composters are already processing dog and cat waste that gets swept up in municipally collected yard trimmings.
GreenPet Composting, a poop-scooping service in Portland, has begun trucking the poop it collects up I-5 to a composting facility in western, Washington.
In Boulder, retiree Rose Seeman started EnviroWagg to address the waste “twilight zone that no one is doing anything about.” She is currently processing about three tons of poop a year into her “Doggone Good Compost” but hopes to expand the operation. There have been several experiments with anaerobic digesters at dog parks in the United States. Arizona State University students teamed up with the town of Gilbert to place an underground methane digester in a dog park that draws about 200 animals a day. She set out a trashcan in front of her house where people could deposit their bags of poop every day.

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