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When we first started our kennel we made sure all of our dogs come from only the best pitbull bloodlines in the world some of the well know bloodlines we started with originally was Razors edge, ICK, HBK, RBG, Gottiline, Whopper, Camelot, Dagger, Dangerzone, Chevy and Greyline. We have sold and exported many pitbulls worldwide to our satisfied customers which makes the shipping process a breeze knowing all of the shipping regulations. Thank you for looking at our website, feel free too come back and stay updated on our available puppies and our breeding program.
Blade just chewing up stuff in the yard, we are not trying to make him look big by posing in this picture, Go look at the other Pitbull Websites and tell me who has pictures of there muscled up dogs just laying there and are still ripped like this. Sour patch has such a gorgeous face for a blue nose pitbull, her dad is the only blue pitbull that I know of that is a registered K9 Police dog. Blade 1st pick female at 8 months old winning first place in her class and than she won the whole dog show and WON BEST IN SHOW.
Phantom has the best temperament out of any Pitbull I have ever seen and is a proven producer here at FPM Kennels.
Phantom son at 1 year old is already over a 100 pounds, He is what a XXL Pitbulls should look like.
Lilly The Lion has a very good structure and is one of the best looking Red Fawn Pitbulls I have ever seen, her color looks like a lion. LILLY THE LION, Im so happy she is a member of our breeding program, just her alone will put FPM Kennels on the map for some of the finest bullies on this earth. This is Saphire RIP she was one of first dogs to buy when we first started breeding I wish I could of breed her and Blade together it would of been would of my favorite litters of all time.
Blade chewing on a whole cow leg, he is trying to tell my other dogs they are getting too close.
Sour Patches dad named Loki is the only registered K9 Police dog that is blue that I know of. You will find that with the Red Nosed Pit Bull dog breed most of the characteristics of the American Pit Bull dog breed are the same. Especially with Pit Bull type dogs, early training, handling, and socialization are key elements to ensuring a well balanced, well mannered pet.

The Red Nosed Pit Bull dog breed is similar in height and weight as the American Pit Bull Terrier weighing in up to 80 pounds, and a height of up to 25 inches.
Though it is not written in the history of the Pit Bull dog breed, the Red Nosed Pit Bulls mostly were bred in and around Ireland during the mid 1800′s.
Since the Red Nosed Pit Bull dog breed is not a different breed of Pit Bull, it is fitting to refer back to the American Pit Bull Terrier when regards to their lifespan and list of possible illnesses.
With all the different choices of dog breeds available, it is no question that making the decision as to which one to choose will be difficult. My husband has a red nose pit, he’s is one of the most beautiful dogs i have ever seen.
We plan each one of our breeding years in advance and hand select only what we consider to be the finest pitbull puppies from each litter. On the bottom of each page you can sign up for our newsletter which we will send out monthly information regarding breedings, puppies and sometimes we just send out valuable infomation you can use with your pitbulls. Here at FPM Kennels we have nothing to hide and take many different angles on the pictures of our dogs.
He always produces Healthy dogs and not to mention he is one of the best looking Black Pitbulls I have ever seen before. Blade is 14 months old showing you why he will be one of the top Blue Pitbull studs of all time. Cute Puppies For Sale works directly with dog breeders that exercise humane breeding practices and rescue puppies or adult dogs. Over these last couple of years providing dogs for some of the top professional athletes to making payment plans to someone who wants one of our dogs but has other obligations such as raising a family. We don’t choose a puppy from each litter because not everything is consider breeding quality, by being so selective this helps to ensure that our dogs are nothing short of head turners when you you take your dog out in public. We take much pride in our dogs and the honesty we run our Pitbull kennel with, we have one of the best facilities in the world and anyone is more than welcome to come see our dogs in person. The Collar that Gino is wearing is provided by Pitbull Supply so if you are looking for some of the top dog collars in the world made just for pitbulls check them out.

He can save your family and possessions from being robbed, not to many people would go rob a house if this dog was laying on your front porch. She is our smallest female at only 70 to 75 pounds but her overall structure and muscle tone makes up for her lack of size. Starting this business has grown to help us understand how wonderful this breed really is and that having some of the Finest American Pitbull Terriers in the world has been nothing but a pleasure watching our clients dogs and our kennel grow way bigger than we ever had in mind. We like to keep a very diverse breeding stock which explains why we are one of the few pitbull kennels that produce many different colors including brindle, red, blue, silver, blue brindle, black, champagne, white and other color variations.
All of our puppies get shipped out around the 8 week mark so we make sure they always have the attention, dedication and time they need to develop correctly in the first crucial development stage here at our facility. So I want to thank every single visitor to our website and I honestly hope you go through every blog, Facebook and Instagram post for we can show you why we are the only BBB Accredited Pitbull Breeder in the world. Visit Cute Puppies For Sale’s comprehensive dog breeder directory to find cute Red Nosed Pit Bull puppies for sale and Red Nosed Pit Bull dog breeders near you. If you are looking for beautiful puppies that will grow up to be some of the Finest XL Pitbulls in the world with massive heads, some of the most solid body structures and ripped dogs with muscle to die for.
All of our dogs come with a 1 year health guarantee and a PDF Form Contract that I sign and the buyer signs for we both can ensure we are on the same page and know what to expect from each other. We do all of this without sacrificing the athletic ability the original American Pit bull Terriers had and most well know for.
Our dogs are full of love and have some of the most stable temperaments you will find in any bully pitbull in the world. Many different breeds of Terrier exist, and through intended or accidental breeding, the American Pit Bull Terrier dog breed of today was sculpted to what we see today).

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