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While many pet owners are becoming more concerned about which vaccines they should let their vet give their pets (and you can read our take on that here) , one message they may not be clear on when they leave the vet’s office is. The real trouble is that the time when a puppy is most susceptible to parvovirus, among other dangerous and deadly bugs, is the same time your puppy needs intense socialization.
This means avoiding places where your puppy is at risk to contract one of these dangerous viruses. Dog trails, parks (both dog and the regular human variety), doggie daycare, groomers, kennels, pet stores (a huge source of infection), and dog training in public places where you can’t be certain of all the dogs the trainer has allowed on the location.

If you've been wondering how to generate extra monthly income, now is your chance to find out. These are just some of the design inspirations you can use; there are other samples available online. Search for them, make the files print-ready, and have them printed by a trusted online printing company. However, keeping them can be expensive as you’ll need to spend for dog food, training, and grooming.

To give you an idea, I collected 22 irresistibly cute dog pictures you can use for your canvas prints. Just do remember there are copyright laws out there, so make sure you are allowed to use the images.

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