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If you are a businessman and you dream of loving a dog, your employees are loyal towards your organization and you must appreciate their hard efforts for your business.
If you feed a beautiful dog in your dream, you are going to reveal some of your hidden talents, soon. A dog represents extreme things like loyalty, betrayal, honesty, lies, friends, foes and courage as well as fear.
There are millions of people, who adopt dogs and feel extremely happy when they play with them.

If you dream of a playful and cheerful dog, happiness is going to enter into your life soon, as you will be solving most of your problems all on your own.
If you dream of cuddling or joyfully patting a dog, you are an extremely loyal person and your partner is also loyal towards you. You may lose a good and a loyal friend, if you are unable to find the missing dog in your dream. Therefore, when you dream of a dog, it can either be your pet in the dream or a random dog you’ve never seen before.

Keep an eye on your partner because dreaming of being bitten by a dog is a clear indication of betrayal by your lover.

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