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You purchased a dog for you or your family to have a bit of companionship, excitement and fun. Before you sign any contracts for basic obedience with any other “trainer”, have them provide you with their experience … and be sure to investigate that information before you spend your hard earned money.
You may also run into basic obedience dog trainers who want to demo their basic obedience on there already trained dog.
Setting Boundaries in the Home – As far as keeping them out of the Kitchen during meals, Staying out of certain Rooms, etc. You don’t get to see the long periods in between the dog whisperer film cuts, where the dog possibly went buck wild or fought with the dog whisperer. 3 Hour Basic Obedience – Our 3 Hour Basic Obedience course is designed for those who wish to have us implement the commands and continue on with conditioning on their own.
5 Hour Basic Obedience – This Basic Obedience course is designed for those who wish us to implement all of the on leash commands such as, sit, stay, down and walking on a leash without pulling. In most board and train dog training packages, your dog is housed in a kennel, with a bunch of other dogs and only brought out to train once or twice a day. There are a few good dog training companies in the area, but most of those only offer group type training at their location.
Training should always be done in your home, unless a training course is provided to you as the owner and handler … and your dog also undergoes a bit of training in your home, once it has been trained elsewhere . Stay away from food while training … This is only a way to bribe your dog, rather than truly communicate with them, to get the results you are wanting.
If a “trainer” prices your training over the phone, then they plan on putting your dog through a course designed for every dog … and not every dog is the same.
If a “trainer” is not willing to demo their training for you, before you sign up and can’t show instant results … then ask yourself if this person is a real trainer.
If you wish to have your dog trained in English or German, we can accommodate these needs. We can also advise on nutritional needs and exercise. Dayton Dog Trainer offers several training courses for those interested in becoming a dog trainer. We cover real world living situations in our basic obedience training and train your dog for house manners … life manners.
If the dog trainer your looking into hiring, can truly communicate with your dog … then they should be able to show you instant results. We believe the dog should react to your command the first time it is given … and within the first 1 to 2 seconds of that given command.
A lot of people don’t understand how we can have your dog doing everything you need it to do in such a short period of time. You only see that the dog whisperer walked into the room, made a sound and snapped his fingers and the dog does what he wants and everyone is amazed.
This consists of Dayton Dog Trainer coming to your home and teaching your dog to sit, stay, down and walking on a leash without pulling.
From that point, we will teach you how and when to correct, when to give affection and how to read your dogs body language. Not only will we have your dog working well on leash … but we will fix any issues you have in your home, train your dog in home manners and train you, as the handler to be able to handle your dog in all aspects.
With our Board and Train dog obedience course, we are able to perform a huge amount of training as well as rehabilitation for aggressive dogs. This is our best training package offered by Dayton Dog Trainer and is also our most popular.

More importantly, there are trainers that have never been through any real training themselves.
If it takes longer than that, then the person calling themselves a trainer, is truly unable to communicate with your dog.
Most good trainers will at least offer to demo their training, so that you can see if their training works or not … or if it is the right thing for your dog. Of course their dog will perform the tasks they are asking … they probably have years of basic obedience training in that dog. If you take a dog out of its element, of course they will act different … so we like to train in as close to a normal living environment, as possible.
If you have to repeat yourself with the same command over and over … then your dog has not been properly trained.
Many believe that if their dog will sit on command, even if they have to give that command 15 times before the dog sits, that their dog is trained. So before you try to become a dog whisperer, you may want to seek the assistance of a professional for basic obedience training. Some of those who do attempt to train their own dog for basic obedience, will actually do more damage than good, due to the lack of knowledge needed to conduct such basic obedience training. Once the commands have been learned by the dog, we teach you as the owner, to continue on with conditioning. This basic obedience course gives us more time to follow through with the conditioning and leave you with a more structured dog. If you have a non-aggressive dog that needs certain training such as potty training, conditioning around other dogs, socialization with people, children or just want to have your dog trained without having to schedule each week for weekly meetings to train … this is the basic obedience course for you. With our board and train dog training … you, as the owner and handler, will still have to be trained to understand all the verbal and hand commands, how to correct unwanted behavior as well as how to handle your dog. If you have any doubts about timing … you will be able to see just how quickly training is retained by your dog, in our evaluation and demonstration.
Just like a person, if you take your dog out of the place he or she is most comfortable, then of course they will act completely different, which won’t allow for a true, honest evaluation. If a “trainer” offers any type of monthly or weekly training classes, then it would be evident to me, that this person calling themselves a trainer, cannot truly communicate with any dog.
If they are confident in their training, they should allow you to see a bit of instruction. People say a dog whisperer is a dog trainer who is able to speak with dogs and are able to get to the root of your dog’s issues.
Our basic obedience does give you the above commands, but it also provides training for real world issues.
We also utilize the local parks for the distraction they offer, when it is time to move into more advanced dog obedience training. Being that dog training is 90% psychological … the goal is to train our canine companion to respect us and our authority … not fear us! That also works in your favor, so that when our basic obedience course is complete … you understand Dog!
Anyone can talk a good game over the phone … that is why we demonstrate our training in your home, before you ever sign up for basic obedience. We will teach you how and when to correct, when to give affection and how to read your dogs body language.
Also … if we have time, we will work on some of the in-home basic obedience issues or house manners such as, bombarding guests at the door, begging for food or whatever issues you wish to work on, in the time left.

If this what the definition of a dog whisperer, then I guess we could be called a dog whisperer.
You choose the course your interested in learning and we will setup a plan for you to start your training.
This is why Dayton Dog Trainer provides you with a demo, before having you sign any training agreements. We will also promise you this … We will not come into your home and waste your time and use clickers to train your dog … We won’t use food to get your dog to perform a trick … We will train him … not bribe him.
Anyone can make a dog fear them … but we, at Dayton Dog Trainer, would rather them respect us and love us. We are confident, that once you witness just how easy it is, to get results from your dog … you will retain our basic obedience dog training services. Your dog will actually live with us, in our home for an average of 5 to 7 days, while we train your dog. We do offer group classes … but only if we are sure to conduct some of the training in the home. This way, you get to see exactly how we train, and that our basic obedience training is real, with real results. The problem with trying to use tactics seen on the dog whisperer show is that you are only seeing an hour of edited content and you don’t get to see what got that dog to that point using basic obedience tactics. They will get the basic obedience training they need in the home and the basic obedience training they need around other people and dogs, outside the home. Before your dog can be allowed into our home, you must provide proof of up to date vaccinations, your dog must also be groomed and clean and your dog cannot have fleas, lice, bedbugs or any type of mange or parasite. Everything you need, is included in this dog training package, including all of your training! It is very important that we train you, as the handler, so that you know what your doing and can continue on with the conditioning of your dog. There are a lot of people who wake up and decide they need to make some extra money, so they put ads up saying they can train dogs … and many have no formal training and are only attempting to train, because they seen some guy on TV, make it look easy. If you are curious to how Dayton Dog Trainer conducts our training, then this would be a good example. Without the right type of dog obedience training and guidance, your dog will become what it wants to be, rather than what you want.
If your dog has recently had a visit to the groomer and is in a clean condition, then the groomer can be skipped.
For more information about our board and train dog training package, feel free to contact us.
Many people think that training a dog is as easy as throwing it a treat and petting it, when it does what you want, and that is totally false. If not, we will ask that you pay for the grooming visit and we will take care of getting your dog to the groomer, before it enters our home.
Dayton Dog Trainer is able to channel that bad behavior into what we want, as handlers and owners, with our basic obedience. We have been training this way and others have been training this way long before the dog whisperer series started airing on television.

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