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Internal IssuesIn more severe cases of anemia, weakness can lead to your dog collapsing from overexertion, even if he's not being very active. Watch What Your Dog EatsThough dogs eat pretty much anything, certain substances your dog ingests can trigger the onset of Heinz body anemia. If you are not sure whether or not your dog has Cushing’s disease, there are several symptoms that can give you an idea if something is wrong. Increased cortisone levels have the unpleasant effect of increasing a dog’s appetite levels which, along with its increased tendency to retain fluids, can lead to unnatural weight gain. One of the saddest symptoms of Cushing’s in dogs has to be the personality changes they exhibit. Of course, even if your dog has some or more of these signs, there is a small chance that your dog is only exhibiting symptoms of Cushing’s in dogs, rather than actually having the disease.
Blood Clots: One of the Cushing’s symptoms in dogs that is truly worrisome is a penchant for blood clots that wasn’t there before.
A Combination of all Listed Cushing’s Symptoms in Dogs: If an owner comes into a vet’s office complaining of the major warning signs of Cushing’s, this is certainly a major signifier.
Increased Cortisol Levels: The biggest of Cushing’s in dogs symptoms they will look for, of course, is increased Cortisol levels.

Once these signs have been noticed and diagnosed, your dog most likely has Cushing’s; however, do not fear!
The first signs that your dog might be anemic, then, are a loss of appetite and a noticeable sluggishness or weakness. This occurs far more frequently in dogs than cats and is more common among certain breeds, namely cocker spaniels, poodles and Old English sheep dogs.
However, before making any diagnosis—and purchasing products that may or may not help your pet—make sure you consult your veterinary specialist first to make sure that what your dog is experiencing really is Cushing’s disease. While it’s not surefire evidence that your dog has this disease, it is one of the common symptoms of Cushing’s in dogs and it should put you on warning.
If your dog seems to have a potbellied appearance, in addition to spindly legs (muscle shrinkage is another one of the most common Cushing’s disease dogs symptoms), take your dog to the vet as soon as possible.
Dog owners often report their pets “not being themselves” or as having lower energy levels than they normally have.
Because Cushing’s is such a well-documented disease, it is quite curable, and with the right treatment and high quality care, your dog may be better before you know it! Dogs become anemic when the percentage of red blood cells by blood volume drops out of the normal range of 39 to 60 percent to below 37 percent.

Heinz body anemia also may cause a heart murmur in some dogs, and also may lead to enlarged liver, lymph nodes and spleen.
Babesiosis, a condition in which germs or parasites directly attack and destroy red blood cells, also is more common among dogs than cats, but is not as breed-specific as IMHA. In other words, their dog does not seem like the fun-loving dog they once had; this is wrong, and is certainly a symptom that should set off alarms. Dogs who've contracted Heinz body anemia need prompt medical attention, so if you see the signs, call your vet immediately.
Also, keep him away from skunks, as skunk spray could be a contributor to hemolytic anemias in dogs.
Watch for these symptoms of Cushing’s in dogs, and make sure you take all the necessary precautions to ensure they can get a clean bill of health as soon as possible.

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