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Please note that if you ever put a "choke chain" on your dog it should only be around the dogs neck when training. You may want to try the short chain method first (this can be done by simply clipping the collar's length to a chain link so the dogs are closer to each other) - just to get your dogs used to walking near each other.
You may attach additional dogs in this method by simply adding another choke chain to the other side of the largest dog's collar and attaching the leash to the largest dog - but we suggest no more than three dogs this way, with the largest dog in the middle. Don't clip the leash closer to the smaller dog - if the largest dog dashes, your small dog may be jerked off his feet! Do NOT use a choke or martingale collar on either dog; if one dog moves away, the other dog is punished.

Never leave the choke chain on the dog when you are not training and when the dog is not under your watch. Even more than with one dog, two dogs in front of the human leaves the human with very little or no control of their actions. Multiple dogs can easily perpetuate their emotions and will often gang up on any dog they meet. We want to help answer any questions you may have regarding our custom climbing rope dog leashes or services. To the original owner we fully guarantee the workmanship and materials of our custom dog leashes so long as they are subjected to fair use.

That's backed up with a Limited Lifetime Warranty and awesome customer service.Knock Offs, Fakes and CopiesThere are knock offs, fakes and copies of our custom climbing rope dog leashes for sale online.

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