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The perfect 2-n-1 design for securing your dog safely out of range of the driver when traveling by car.
This cute collar comes with a built-in leash - perfect for dogs on the go, by foot or by car. Like most dogs, my pup Henry likes to stick his head out the car window, ears flying and a blissful look on his wind-blown face. The Quick Control Harness with Seat Belt Latch by Bamboo is a revolutionary system for your dog that is easy for you to take them in the car with you and that they do not go everywhere in the car.

The Quick Control Harness give you total control of your dog’s movements in the car due to the universal latch that clips into any seat belt buckle.
The three foot seat belt attachment give your dog a little flexibility when moving around the car, but not too much that is distracting to you while driving. The seat belt attachment also makes a great leach when it is time to get out of the car, and has a little pocket to hold anything you might need. This Quick Control Harness is made from very soft, durable nylon that will last a long time and is comfortable for your dog to wear.

The Quick Control Harness with Seat Belt Latch is a great tool to have for your dog to keep them behaved and under control in the car.

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