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Retractable leashes, sometimes referred to as flexileads, are pretty common to find in a dog owner’s stash of dog items. Severe rope burn can occur if the leash gets caught around your ankle or if you try to grab the chord using your hand as your dog bolts away. As responsible dog owners, it’s important to be considerate of others when out with your dog. The retractable lead is wonderful for use on walking trips to open spaces such as a park o beach. Even the shorter leads can wrap around the dog walker’s legs when the dog becomes frightened, obstinate or stubborn.
The dog could be well trained on the leash, but what possibilities can happen when another dog comes along.
Retractable leashes permit dogs to approach each other without permission and the other dog may not want that proximity. The extra long leashes are inappropriate on neighborhood walks, in pet stores or any situations where the dog will encounter distractions. On the outside chance a walker drops or otherwise loses control of a retractable leash, the sudden noise of the retraction mechanism or from dragging can spook or terrify a dog and may result in a bolting animal.
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Death of northern white rhino in California leaves just 3 on earthNorthern white rhinos moved closer to total extinction with the death of Nola at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. While some owners find these leashes to be a convenient way to walk their dogs with little effort, I must retaliate.
When interacting with another dog, the thin, rope like cords of retractable leashes are much more likely to become twisted and wrapped around the other dogs limbs as well as the owners who are observing the play.
Imagine this, you loose your grip on that large, less than ergonomic handle and it goes flying after your dog. The most frequent the dog that sees a cat or something else it decides to chase and because it gets that 10 ft running start and hits the end snapping it right out of the persons hand. Please head this as it can be prevented by using something much more appropriate when walking your dog. Now looking at my almost 5 year old I keep going over the pictures in my head when said German Shepard puppy ran and knocked my boy over with the leash that caught my boy at the front of his neck.
Talking about retractable leads – extra long dog leashes that permit roaming, sniffing and exploring while still attached to walker – offer both great fun for dogs yet also present several obvious hazards. That type of lead, however, is not appropriate for dog walking in the city, along a busy walking path, or on a heavily wooded hiking trail. In the case of dog injuries, they can incur neck and back injuries when they are running on a fully-extended lead and suddenly get jerked to a stop when the length of the lead runs out.

A long retractable leash leaves the dog open to different dangers including those from aggressive dogs, cars or even bikes. The walker can also cause distractions when the dog gets in the way of pedestrians or shoppers in normal situations.
These retractable leads are housed in plastic casing that lengthens when your dog walks away from you.
Wide open fields or even urban parks with a great deal of space are good examples of appropriate locations for flexi leash use. It is more difficult to control and can catch on the walker, the dog, a cyclist, a jogger, undergrowth. Not a day goes by that I don’t see someone being pulled down the street by a dog who is at least 10 feet in front of them, attached to the thin cord of a flexi. There is no reason to ever use a choke chain, a pinch collar or a gentle leader with a flexi, as the unwieldy handle serves no purpose during training. I also see owners not paying attention as their dogs round corners on their own accord- their human companions have no idea what waits for them!

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