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The Flexi Vario Retractable Leash can easily be adjusted to your needs via add-ons such as a multi-purpose box for treats or waste bags and an LED lighting system, all available at pet-specialty retailers nationwide. The best part for my needs is the duo belt that allows both dogs to be walked comfortably at the same time. This is the shortest flexi retractable leash and it is designed for walking your dog in busy areas when it is not safe for them to have lots of extra room to roam. I was happy to learn that Flexi offered a variation of their retractable dog leash to suit my needs, the Vario, to which I was sent a sample.

Initially I was worried about them becoming tangled but the product design ensures a seamless walking experience for both dogs. Conventional nylon and leather leashes are 6 feet in length, but to shorten them you have to use two hands or wrap them around your arm. With the flexi City you can control the length of the leash at anytime with a push of a button using just one hand. Even if you already own a flexi retractable leash, the flexi City is a must-have for any dog owner on the go!

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