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This dog bike leash is great for the right human and dog pair, especially if you have an active dog that can’t seem to get enough exercise.
When I say “hands free bike leash” or “bike leash for dogs,” I am referring to the WalkyDog bike leash.
I've written extensively on how to start a dog walking business and also provide personal consulting to help kickstart your business.
I have not tested other brands of bike leashes such as the Springer bike leash or the K-9 Bike Jogger.
Veterinarians, breeders, trainers, and other dog experts agree that biking with your dog is one of the most effective ways to exercise both you and your best friend. It is unlikely that your dog will be able to knock you off your bicycle unless he is extremely large and completely out of control. In a quiet environment, park your bike in an open area and remove the bungee leash from the K9 Cruiser.
We suggest you get each dog used to the K9 Cruiser individually before you run them together. The Bike Tow Leash (or BTL) dog bicycle attachment was invented by entrepreneur Mike Leon, who is well versed in both dog behavior and engineering. From the manufacturer website: "Wow, I was surprised with the ease of installing it on my bike. From the Manufacturer's site: "Hi, Mudgee is an Australian Cattle Dog we recently rescued at a shelter. If your dog is in competition, the K9 Cruiser is an excellent way to increase muscle conditioning, improve overall appearance, build endurance, improve gait, and reduce the chance of injuries for the “weekend warrior!” Try one today – your dog will love you for it! Because of the rear wheel attachment the K9 Cruiser Bicycle Leash prevents any chance of your dog getting in front of the wheels of the bicycle, making it impossible to ever hit your own dog.
This is the most dangerous way to ride on a bicycle with a dog, and where we hear the most reports of injury and hospitalization for both pet and owner. You do not want to give your dog the impression that he can control the walk; the same is so on the bike.
Simply loosen the rear wheel axle nut or quick release, slide the K9 Cruiser Bicycle Leash between the frame and the axle, on the outside of the fork, then tighten.
This wonderful new dog bicycle attachment is extremely stable and easy to use, and it can even allow your dog to propel you!

The bike dog leash was born of necessity, as Mike wanted to a better way to exercise the guide dogs that he raises. The Bike Tow Leash will allow you to exercise your dog in less time while covering the same or even more distance! Move it from bicycle to bicycle or simply clip it to the back of your seat out of the way when riding without your dog. We've had her for about 3 weeks now and are realing that I am not able to give her the exercise she craves when we go walking for about an hour a day.
There are a number of different bike leashes out there, but the Bike Tow Leash made the most sense of them all.
Enter your country and zip code in the Calculate Shipping form which is below the contents of the shopping cart and click Calculate. Especially in today’s urban environments, giving your dog the exercise he or she needs can be a challenge; most yards just aren’t big enough anymore.
It is important to use the right bungee attachment so your dog has the correct shock absorber effect from the leash. For safety reasons, our suggestion is this: if you cannot keep your dog under control on a walk, do NOT put him on a K9 Cruiser. Dogs learn to pull, lunge, brake, and be out of control on walks when you give them control of the walk. Burning energy aerobically means you will have a longer run where your dog burns more calories, more energy, and gets much better muscle and strength conditioning. With one hand on the handlebars and one hand on the seat, start slowly rolling the bicycle backwards and forwards, about 12 – 15 feet in each direction. The Bike Tow Leash is superior to any dog bike attachment available because it allows the dog to propel the bicycle (if you wish) and avoid obstacles.
The Bike Tow Leash's unique patented mast prevents the bike from tipping when the dog pulls, reduces any jolts and gently trains your dog to stay in heel position.
Imagine going more places with your dog as exercise partner and companion: trail rides, camping, the park and store .
Many customers have claimed they would not have been able to keep their dog if it weren’t for the exercise they can provide with the K9 Cruiser! Too strong a bungee will keep your dog from stretching it at all; too weak a bungee will not absorb enough of the shock if your dog tries to go a different direction than the bicycle.

If you are using a product that attaches to the bicycle seat, this is better, but is still a very high center of gravity in the center of the bicycle, making it easier for the dog to control the bicycle. Burning energy anaerobically means that your dog is sprinting instead of endurance running.
We also offer a very comfortable foam handle for use with the K9 Cruiser Bicycle Leash bungee attachment, which you can use to walk your dog once you get where you are going. This is done to teach your dog that he is now attached to the bicycle, and that he needs to follow the bicycle. The resilient mast will allow your dog to catch up when you turn away, notifies dogs of turns toward them and allows dogs to drop behind the bike to avoid obstacles. The K9 Cruiser Bicycle Leash is attached to the frame of the bicycle, at the bottom, at the rear wheel, which gives you a very low center of gravity.
We use these a lot since we tend to ride down to the beach and then hang around a while, or on vacation when we bring dogs and bikes with us, and also when we ride to outdoor cafes and such. Most dogs, at this point, will go up and actually put their nose to the K9 Cruiser, checking it out. Because it is at the end of the bicycle, it makes it much easier to control the dog if he tries to go in a different direction – you just have to keep pedaling! Mount the bicycle and start pedaling slowly, keeping your dog in a nice trot and encouraging him, letting him know you are having fun!
If you are unsure as to whether or not you can control your dog on a K9 Cruiser, we would suggest using a Gentle Leader head collar.
If your dog is not used to running on pavement his pads are probably soft, and you should take it easy until his pads toughen up. We typically put it in a small mister bottle and spray it on their feet daily for a couple of weeks, and it works very, very well! Use of the BTL is suggested for adult dogs 20 lbs and up that have had a complete veterinary examination to rule out cardiovascular or musculoskeletal problems.

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