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The first thing to do is to have a veterinarian check out your dog to rule out a urinary tract infection and make sure he is not urinating frequently due to a medical condition.
You did not mention if your dog still defecates in the house – or just urinates in the house. The reason also could be that your dog never understood the housebreaking process so he is confused about where he can go and not go. We would re-introduce Housebreaking 101, starting with limiting his access to the entire house and blocking all access to places where he frequently urinates. It is the easiest thing in the world to get frustrated at our dogs sometimes: they are domesticated wolves, after all, who we try to fit in to our well-manicured apartments and lives. But anger and frustration will rarely help your dog learn to trust, respect, understand, obey, and love you. Yes, he knows outdoors is where lots of other dogs do it, and hopefully he’s never been punished for doing it out there (and instead been rewarded).
So instead of getting frustrated next time your dog messes, take him for a long walk to the dog park, and get him running and playing offleash with other dogs. My female dog has pointedly soaked the area of the couch (which she is not allowed on) where my date had been sitting.
I have had my puppy for two full months now and he learned to potty in the pads very quickly. My 4 year old Terrier female mix, pees on my bed where I sleep If a friend brings a pet over to my place. Separation anxiety from being conditioned by your friend’s mom, combined with frustration from pent-up need for more daily physical, mental, and social stimulation is what I hear!
Likely anxiety from the bath or overexcitement after being let out (often they dash around like tasmanian devils!) Try to make the bath more enjoyable for your dog, e.g.
Hop on our mailing list!Be the first to hear about upcoming workshops, pack walks, obedience classes, discounts, and more. One annoying behaviour problem I hear often is a dog peeing on their owner’s bed or even the bed of another dog.
If you need more specific advice then why not drop into our Dog Training Centre in Hull and look at our Dog Training Classes or our 121 dog training sessions, which are specific to your needs. To everyone who has posted a comment on this blog, I don't seem to be able to reply to your comments, please email me on the above email address and we can chat individually about your problems. I have two 8 month old Chihuahua's sister and we have been a bit soft with them as they are so small. However for the past couple of yrs she goes through a phase around every 6-12 months of jumping on my sons bed and peeing.
There seems to be no rhyme or reason for her actions, it's not all the time there is quite a few months between episodes and she has not been told off or ignored prior to all the incidents. I have a dog I got from my sister is she didn't want cause she didn't want to take her out so I took her in I already had two dogs at that time. In spite of all the training, practicing, and positive reinforcing, sometimes our dogs pick up a few not-so-great habits.
When AKC polled its members, it found that the most common bad habit pet owners would like to resolve in their dogs is barking when excited or nervous.

Others high on the list included destroying furniture and décor (23 percent), whining to get attention (19 percent), and raiding the trash (16 percent). Conversely, the other two behaviors, destroying furniture and raiding the trash, are self-rewarding.
If he is only urinating and is doing so in small amounts in multiple places, he might be marking instead of actually urinating. And to make the learning curve even more difficult, we don’t speak the same language that dogs do! He is my 9 year old service animal and has never ever left a mark but lately when I take a shower he does.
However the process can be long and slow, and require serious commitment of time, energy, and money for things like walks, dog parks, and doggie daycare, in addition to daily leadership ritual, desensitization and counterconditioning exercises.
My partner and I are very good about giving positive reinforcement and occasionally he misses the pad and I’m ok with it. He was very good the whole time we were in the bath, but as soon as I dried him off and let him out of the bathroom he bolts away and pees on the carpet!
We are trying get them to go to the toilet in the garden and have moves their puppy pad nearer the garden door. If you catch him in the act, make a noise (like eh-eh or clap your hands) and hopefully he will stop mid-stream.
It tells them everything about where dogs have been, what they’ve eaten, their physical conditions, even their moods.
I want to understand why is it that when I eat food at the table and won’t give him any he poops and pees in all the wrong spots including places he sleeps and plays. A dog-training expert once described this type of behavior similar to a cigarette smoker who ducks into a room to enjoy a cigarette. Its just he and I in the apartment so we have always had a open-door policy because he freaks if he cant see me … its his job after all.
Address the anxiety that comes about from your dog being too attached to you…and the marking may very well fade away. I recommend finding someone who pushes the importance of offleash socializing and routines that are fulfilling both physically and emotionally!
Earlier I was eating brown rice, kidney beans with sauce… He stared at me through the first and second bowls expecting to have a bit handed to him. I have a baby gate between the living room and kitchen so my dog and my 9 month old can’t get onto the kitchen.
I take her out to go to the bath room right before I go to sleep (around midnight) and as soon as I get up ( around 7 or so). Your not being there to intervene and prevent the person from enjoying his smoke in peace is a reward in itself. I am normally pretty rational about my behavior towards my dogs because I know they do not understand and will be anxious by odd behavior. They do have the run of the house and they are not often left on their own so not sure what to do next I will be shutting the door to spare room in future. The same goes for a dog digging into a delectable waste bin of scraps or chewing up that new Restoration Hardware coffee table.

Speak to your veterinarian about all behavior problems in case there is a need for medical intervention or assessment by a dog behavior expert.
Other than that, she holds it all day while I’m at work and never messes in the house. Ive started telling him I was going to take a shower and remind him not to potty on my floor and its helped but Im the one thats about to be stressed about this.
When I don’t give her any of my food (Tilapia especially) and eats her her face She PEES on my floor.
This weekend alone he has defiantly peed 3x in the house (he is fully house broken and hasn’t had an accident since we first trained him) and has destroyed specific objects. The next time I went shopping I shut my bedroom door but she scratched the paint to try to get in there.
And stone times all four of them will do it but only if they won’t get caught in the act. I stood up and he walked down the hallway into the dining room and his under the dining room table with his ears back.
I scolded him when he tried to jump up on the bed and he dug my new coat out from under two other coats sitting on a dresser and ripped apart the entire arm. He’s a little over a year and a half old and this is the first time something like this has ever happened.
She managed to break down the gate and enter my room while I was out shopping and again she did a wee on my bed.
Anxieties are almost always treatable with a mix of exercise, social outlets, and obedience routines.
I told him to stop a couple of times then he pees on the gate, immediately puts his head down and ran off! My fiance scolded him on two separate occasions, once for jumping on him on the couch (which he has never been allowed on)- the dog immediately walked over and peed on his shoes (he had just come back from a walk outside).
The other time he did it I was letting his food soak (he can’t eat hard food so we have to soak it for him) and he wanted to eat. Aslo I can not keep her in a cage at night because of separation issues and because of the husky in her, she howls, loudly. He was whimpering and looking at me and then into the kitchen and showing me he wanted to eat. She loves my mum, but she’s obviously jealous of the fact that I take my mum with me every time I go out in the car, but not always the dog. I kept telling him to stop because I knew it wasn’t ready, and he comes up to me pees on my couch and then stares at me!

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