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Stay informed and motivated with the latest must-read information, delivered right to your inbox. Pet steps will probably be favourite Dog Information Sites furnishings to your cats and dogs. Pet Steps Provide Train BenefitsThere are some advantages provided by the Dog Information Sites steps. To spend much money for a vet or pet spa isn't any drawback for the Dog Information lovers.
You'll find dog information, supplies, dog houses, dog beds, food, health info, and much more. If you are the owner of a dog site or dog-related site please Add Your Site to our dog directory.
Here you will find many wonderful animal-related stories and lots of valuable information on pet care, pet adoption and animal welfare issues. A lot of people write into the site with positive feedback and how the Dog Breed Info website helped them better understand their dogs. This is 'THE' most informative website about dogs that I've ever come across my entire life. In all of my years of looking at a lot of dog websites, I have never found any that compare to yours. Your site was one of the first ones I found and I went through it, and then went through it with my whole family so we can all be part of the solution and understand how our pack has to operate. We began seeing results within 24 hours by using the brisk attitude adjustment information and making him (or maybe us) see immediately that he is a dog and not a human. Your explanation of natural dog behavior and realizing that we have to think like them was what opened it up for me. I am surprised (and actually pleased) to see some stuff on this site that otherwise might be misconstrued, especially concerning dog behavior. Well, all that to say that this is a great site, and while I won't be getting a dog, I at least understand them a bit more, having perused your site. My mom, dad, little brother and I have two dogs named Spike, a Miniature Schnauzer, and Cash, a Dalmatian and Miniature Pinscher mix; both are rescues.
Your dedication to provide your knowledge on dog behavior and fulfilling their instinctual needs to achieve a peaceful and harmonious relationship with them has likely saved my dogs life. I've learned SO MUCH about dog behavior, leadership and fulfilling the instinctual needs of our dog.
I can only imagine how many dogs lives would be saved if we as owners took the responsibility to understand the differences in behavior between dogs and ourselves and provided the necessary leadership to bridge that gap.
I just wanted to drop I line to indicate my thanks for all the wonderful information on your website. I've recently adopted an adult dog (3 years, Staffordshire Terrier x Boxer) and this information has helped me with gaining the confidence in being able to lead her. I just wanted to say what a great site you have and how much I enjoyed reading your description of the Berger des Pyrenees. I really have learnt so so much from your site and I have full confidence my puppy will be much more well behaved by next month. Update: Today is day one of training him how it says on your site and I tell you it's such a massive improvement already.
I just wanted to commend your website on being the best informative on dog breeds, care, and training I ever come across.
Just wanted to thank you for your site- I have spent hours and hours devouring all the information available here. I've read and reread most of the articles on your site and I feel it has helped me immensely as far as what to expect and how to act when we pick up our puppy tomorrow.
Just wanted to let you know that this site has helped me with a couple of dogs that I rescued from a burned down foreclosed home. I want to thank you for this website full of dog information that was terribly useful to me. I would like to say I believe that your site should be a mandatory read prior to anyone owning a dog. In any case, I wanted to say thank you again for the informative series on raising a puppy and I do hope we continue to get further updates on Bruno!
I rarely contact site providers but, I felt I must pass along my Appreciation to the awesome web pages here! I've been reading your site for several months and I would like to say thank you for all the helpful advice on behalf of me and my dog.
I just wanted to write and thank you so much for offering such helpful and sensible information free of charge. So, all that is to say, thank you very much for offering this valuable information to the public. I've been thinking about getting another dog, so I've been doing a lot of research, and found this site.
I just wish to let you know that the information etc on your web page is the best I have discovered in years of web surfing, even though I cannot remember how I got onto your web site. I started reading your website yesterday and i Just want to let you know it is a fantastic website with so much useful information! I've read through parts of your site and just thought I'd say in my opinion, this is an excellent site, very comprehensive and informative, without a doubt, the best canine information site I've found.

Thanks to Sharon Maguire and everybody else that's helped to put this site together; I will definitely be signing up and recommending your site to other dog owners I know. I just wanted to let you know that this seems to be an amazing site, and has already earned a spot in my frequently used bookmarks, even after only about a half hour of browsing.
I just wanted to say thank you for providing such a great resource for understanding dogs and making them a part of the family. I am firmly convinced that you, by offering this resource and maintaining it, have saved the lives of many dogs - either through encouraging people to adopt, or in helping people to understand their dog and learn how to train them. Just wanted to say thank you so much to Sharon Maguire for being an advocate for the well-being, enrichment and health and happiness of dogs!!
I thought the "Small Dog Syndrome" article by Sharon Maguire was absolutely EXCELLENT!
I have saved your site under my favorites, and will be busy reading every word on it before I adopt a furry friend!
I have 4 toy dogs that were owning me, I put into practice the principles on your website and I own them now. I would just like to say that this is always the first site I go to when I need to find out information about a particular dog breed. I just wanted to say what a great writer you have for your website on dogs, especially the one for the Spanish Mastiff. I found your site one evening, and I told my husband, "I found our philosophy." (We have 5 children, and we had a philosophy that guided our discipline and parenting style).
First off, I'm a 14-year-old boy (writing to you with his mother's permission) with a passion for dogs (ironically I had a ridiculous fear of dogs from ages 4 to 7). At last a website about dogs and dog training that makes sense and cuts out the rubbish being sold by so many dog training sites and trainers. You've provided me with a wealth of information helping me sustain a balanced, healthy home for my dogs. We recently adopted a 10-week-old Pit Bull puppy and finding this site has been amazingly helpful!
To be honest I was terrified of doing so since my cousin adopted a Labrador looking dog and he is a devil.
I have been surfing the Internet for quite a few years looking for dog related information. I used your techniques for the first time yesterday (going through the door first, acting calmly when I went down in the morning, etc.) and she is a different dog - really calm and chilled and hardly any accidents. I am NOT a dog person by any stretch of the imagination but I am often interested in proper techniques for training, proper treatment of a dog, etc.
In my opinion, a dog would respect me more when it did what I wanted, which would be to lie down and be quiet, and let me approach it if desired, instead of barking its head off and jumping all over me (and not letting ME greet MY friends first when I came over). I even had a professional dog groomer tell me that when a dog jumped on you and licked your face, it was showing submission to you. I will from this minute onwards use your tips to rectify what I have been doing wrong with my dog. All of the advice about picking a breed, breed information, puppies, training, feeding, etc.
I enjoy reading the dog breed info, but especially info on dog behavior, dog language and relationships with humans. Many (positive trainer) sites simply do not understand that you can't bribe a dog with behavioral issues. I have experience in dealing with and helping train full grown dogs by their owners, but I have never raised a puppy nor was I told why certain commands and consequences work. My family has owned several dogs of this breed going all the way back to my great grandfather, and the experiences and love have been passed down through stories. I love my Boxers and your site truly shows how wonderful and great these puppies and dogs are. I am sure that you have brought a lot of relief to many dog owners and, even more importantly, to dogs themselves. I love the care and time you have put into this site, helping others to understand dog speak, dog behavior and how to properly care for their dog. I linked to it on my website because I want anyone who goes to my site to see who I support. A site that sees it from the dog's perspective (thereby respecting dogs for the magnificent animals they are). The reason I was terrified was because I didn't want to have an uncontrollable dog with me. I see dog owners every day who have little control over their dogs, because they treat them like furry people instead of dogs. We wanted a companion pet for us and our kids, but we always thought poor dog behavior was one of those random, uncontrollable things. My friends have two medium-large dogs and it helps me understand why they act the way they often do. Besides rehabilitating dogs for a living (I specialize in aggression), I foster, rehabilitate, and rehome the tough cases and provide training, etc. She has been dominating me tremendously because I did not know how to handle a more dominant dog.
If I had not found this site, I would be one of those boneheads walking with their dog out in front and all the other mistakes we make not knowing it is causing the dog more hardship.

Our family just got a puppy and I was amazed at the difference after reading your site how our puppy behavior changed for the best. I've been doing everything wrong when I had dogs as a kid and as a teen and now that I have a family of my own and am looking for a dog, guess what: I was getting ready to make the same mistakes!!!
I recently rescued a puppy from a shelter and have been researching puppy training (which your site has a wealth of info on =). I am also a Dog Whisperer fan and have actually helped a couple of people with their dogs using similar techniques.
I have been a professional dog (person) trainer now in England for 4.5 years since I retired from a life career in the British police service.
Your website is a valuable tool for responsible dog owners, and it should be required reading for anyone bringing a puppy into their "pack"!
Dogs cannot think like humans, so to be successful living with our dogs we have to try to think like them, and your website gives excellent suggestions on how to do that.
Then Cesar's show showed us it was possible to have a well behaved dog, and your site proved an excellent information source and guide to help make it happen. We are trying to get a rescue dog and already have been turned down by one shelter because we lack a fenced in yard and previous vet history.
Thanks for the info - now I will be able to take into consideration the way their minds work and help them be better dogs. I have personally experienced they way people and the media portray this breed with misjudgment and down right cruelty for a dog they do not understand themselves.
I am working on building my main business right now, but the dog training is still a side business.
I plan on getting a Pit Bull very soon and just want to say thank you again for the information you provide. I had never heard of him before finding your site and I wish I would have learned of him sooner! I consider my real job is to assist people to train their dogs rather than me training their dogs for them. Having worked with horses and using Monty Robert's methods for natural horsemanship, I'm really impressed that you have dog related topics. I've not owned dogs before, but we're enjoying the experience and feel confident and happy that she seems well balanced and tolerant of the kids. I just need to teach him not to jumb or go nuts when a dog walks by:) Anyway, I just want to thank you for this great website with great advice on how to be friends with your dog. He accepted it very quickly and has calmed down and is like a totally different dog all in less than a day. He has done more to help save misunderstood dog's lives than all the good folks in the gentle camp. Whenever I have a question about a dog breed or a particular question regarding pets, I always start with this site. For one, my first choice for my first dog was an American Bully (I'd attended one ABKC show and watched many videos on the breed).
My biggest challenge so far is trying to explain and to convince dog owners that their dogs are animals to be respected as such rather than people (children) dressed in a fur coat.
I studied the information on your site and began to use the information immediately and I have to say it has helped sooo much. Together with the leadership skills from your website and the use of a halter collar, our kids also have effective leadership over our dog, which is nice to see. Thanks to pack walks and his understanding where he stands in the expanded pack he behaved, listened to even my 8 year old niece give him commands and was truly a good dog. And I find a lot of what you post on your website to be very in tune to how this dog trainer is teaching me to work with my dog. But one night I decided to skim your site for all the doodle designer dogs and when I reached the Jackapoos my mind wandered over to Oreo.
I tell them anyone can learn to do what I do, and every dog and their human will benefit from practicing this philosophy. I was pleased to stumble on your website and from the first article I read (A Dog Fight - Understanding your Pack) I knew you get it. Your simple tips changed my life as a dog owner forever and I can not say THANK YOU enough!!!! She has done a great job, not only with her dogs but with helping other families with their dogs.
With these few words I'm just trying to say thank you very much because my experience with my dog is a lot more fun now that I understand dogs better and how to handle an animal.
My dog walker had quit on me because she refused to use the collar and said that it was "adverse training" and was not good. I have already shared your page with my friends and family who own dogs and I'm sure that you will be great help for them as well. It took a couple of different sessions to get him to behave on a walk (I'd hold the leash super tight and stiff and he'd take off to try and meet other dogs) but eventually we both were walking like professionals (he heels nicely and I am assertive and calm).

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