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The versatile 6-in-1 Quantum Leash extends up to six feet and can even be used to walk two dogs at the same time.
The Tru-Fit Smart Harness keeps your dog controlled and comfortable in the car and during walks. The convenient Zippy Bowl is a classic styled clutch bag that unzips into an instant portable dog bowl.
Keep your dog in sight during outdoor activity with this reflective fabric and bright LED strip.
Give your dog a little support when having trouble getting in the car or climbing up stairs.
Bring your dog on any water adventure knowing that they're safe with the PortablePET Flotation Device.

For day hikes or overnights, the Long Howl from Gran­ite Gear is per­fect for the seri­ous hik­ing dog.
The stretch woven nylon is also the same mate­r­ial that Gran­ite Gear uses on their award-winning packs for humans. Water: Carry at least a quart of water for your dog for every 3 miles you plan to hike, if there are no reliable water sources along the route.
Spare rope: Depending on what you carry for a leash, a spare rope is helpful for times when you need to tie your dog to a tree or another fixed object. Plastic bags if your dog does its business anywhere above treeline, along a trail, or in a camping area, and you need to pack it out. The sad­dle bags have a yoke-like har­ness that is made of stretch-woven nylon that can sup­port ample weight with­out pulling on your dog’s neck.

So you can load up the sad­dle­bags with a col­lapsi­ble water bowl, leash, and all the food that your dog needs to be a self-sufficient mem­ber of your pack.
But she was mostly excited because her toys, gear, leash, water, and food were strapped on her side for quick access.

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