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If you have not yet tried out PLATINUM dry dog food for your dog, we will be happy to send you a sample free of charge. You can order the sample by using our online form or on our service number 0800 3 64 36 63 (0800 DOGFOOD) (free of charge within Germany) or from abroad +49 (0) 67 21 30 59 3-0. A quick search on Google showed that it’s not difficult to find listings of local online pet shops all claiming to be the top pet shop in Singapore. Here are the Top 10 Online Pet Stores in Singapore based on Alexa Global Ranking, broken in to two charts. Although supermarkets do sell dog food, 80% value share of dog food are sold via pet shops and pet superstores in Singapore.
Singapore-based online pet shops appear to be less mature in terms of the variety of products they carry and the e-commerce user experience. With the exception of Doggyfriend, the next five appear to be online stores in existence 4 years or less.

The data presented in the charts above are put together for an informal comparative reference of the popularity of Singapore online pet stores. So we have bought Donna’s canned and dry food from about three different online pet shops. So that in a nutshell is a rough ranking of online pet shops in Singapore and our experience buying from them.
Sign up for our newsletter and get a full list of the 47 Online Pet Stores sampled in your email. If you’re interested to find out more about the food products, here are some popular sites that sell a selection of dehydrated and baked goods.
Dog Healthweliveinaflat health articles get the added insight from our vet partner, the lovely Dr Jo from Creature Clinic, so you may be sure what we say is credible. The sample contains a sample bag of each of our three Adult varieties and some Fit-Sticks Chicken+Lamb.

We also found that she scratched and shed more on the dry and canned food that the shelter so kindly provided us with to tide us over the early days.
And so costs jumped especially when we cut out canned food that we can get from the supermarket and bought more of the better regarded brands. I do half online half brick and motar shopping cos cat litter and canned food is cheaper from the shop but kibbles is actually fresher from the online shops in my experience so far.
Pet food is probably more expensive for us (sorry didn’t bother to check and spurious assumption) since its all imported.

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