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In this informal market check, Walmart had the lowest prices in most cases, and Petco generally had the highest. Normally, the dog food brands that are carried in a super market are of middle to low quality, in terms of ingredients.
I stop in the newly revamped dog food section and notice that for the first time the bags if kibble are separated by a divider with a limited selection of premium brands on one side. If any of you out there have any comments or information about your experience with Harmony Farms Pet Foods, we’d love to hear from you!

Just as you compare human foods at the grocery store using nutrition and ingredients labels, you can also compare dog food brands and cat food brands by reading their ingredients labels (the non-marketing, objective part of the pet food packaging). In the table below we have compared the ingredients label of our Flint River Ranch Adult Dog Food formula with the labels of four other leading dog food brands. Learn more about how Flint River Ranch foods are less expensive to use than competing pet foods that initially appear to cost less. Regulations require that pet food ingredients be listed in the order of their content by weight.

Their foods have no corn, wheat, soy, glutens or artificial coloring, flavoring or ingredients. Raw and refrigerated food is too expensive for my budget; I also have some doubts over its perceived value and actual benefit to our dogs.

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