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Our ethic is based on the belief that the optimal diet for the dog should reflect his evolved requirements. Pet Shopper is pleased to announce that it has been selected to be one of the first UK stockist's of Canidae Pet food.
You may think your dog gulps his or her food because they are greedy, but they are just trying to get it to where all the digestive action occurs as fast as possible.If you believe TV commercials, advertisements and labels, processed food is the only safe thing to feed a dog. Our puppy food is a complete hypo-allergenic food especially designed for puppies from weaning to adulthood, containing all the nutrients needed for your growing puppy. Our adult food range is a hypo-allergenic wheat and wheat gluten free formula made to the highest standards, and made for all palates, including fussy eaters and those with a sensitive digestion. Our naturals range is a new line that is a naturally preserved premium dog food, it is also hypo-allergenic, and will suit even those dogs with a sensitive digestion as it is made with the best quality ingredients. Our breeder bags are made for working dogs and breeders who want bigger bag sizes, and as they are VAT free they are great value for money but the same quality super premium food. This love drives our company to create foods and treats that are nutritious, delicious, and trustworthy. Every recipe features fresh meat or fish first, complimented by whole foods like sweet potatoes, chickpeas, and peas.

Both recipes are complimented by whole foods like sweet potatoes, lentils, chickpeas, and peas.
I believe nine out of ten visits to the vet are caused by dogs being fed the wrong diet.The quality of ingredients in most dog food is appallingly low, often including meat that has gone off. When dogs eat grain almost all goes in one end and out the other.In short, processed dog food has the same effect on dogs as junk food has on humans. Processed food (dried, tinned or in a pouch) can make a dog hyperactive, lethargic and irritable.
Sweet potato is used instead of grain for sensitive dogs and is a high source of B vitamins. Manufacturers will tell you the canine digestive system has changed over time to be able to derive benefit from grain, but processed dog food came into existence 153 years ago and has been popular only since the end of World War II.Palaeontologists believe it takes, on average, 100,000 years for a species to adapt to a new diet. Dogs on a natural diet are calmer, more attentive, easier to train and generally better behaved.
These simple recipes are perfect for all dogs but especially for dogs with food sensitivities. These simple recipes are perfect for all cats but especially for cats with food sensitivities.

The cooking kills off important enzymes - chemicals responsible for thousands of vital metabolic processes - in the food, and alters its structure, making it hard for the dog to digest. They suffer less disease, live longer, smell nicer and produce less waste matter.I gave my own dog, Honey, processed food until five years ago, when an enlightened vet told me I was shortening her life and explained what she should eat. Humans have digestive enzymes in our saliva and we need to chew our food before we swallow it to give those enzymes a chance to start breaking down the food.Dogs can’t chew this way because they are unable to move their jaws from side to side. After switching her to a natural diet I was so amazed by the difference in her health I started doing it for friends’ dogs.
Today, I would no more feed her processed food than I would let my children have junk food and fizzy drinks for breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you dissect a dog and a grey wolf you’ll find that their digestive systems are identical.

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