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We are offering our Wild Kangaroo and Apples food at a great discount of 15% off every bag at our online store for United States customers. Now that we know what a food allergy IS, let’s talk about what CAUSES a food allergy. To date, common food ingredients responsible for allergies are chicken, beef, dairy products, pork, lamb, fish, eggs, corn, soy, oats and grains (wheat, whey). Contrary to popular belief, feeding the same food to a dog everyday and year after year is exactly the reason why dog allergies develop, especially allergies to meat proteins.
Switching foods to one with a different source of protein other than the one you have been feeding is one feasible solution. Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids have been found time and again to play a vital role in the management of allergies and inflammatory skin conditions by building up a healthy skin barrier, maintaining healthy coat and skin, supporting the proper development of the nervous system and visual acuity, regulating the blood flow to body tissues, aiding in clotting after an injury, and helping your pets’ immune system respond to injury and infection. Use this chart to track the foods your animal is eating every day and if the symptoms change. Although this shows a human allergy to ragweed, the process is still the same with your animal and a food allergy.

In addition, corn and wheat allergies are now showing up as common allergens the same way they’re showing up for human. If an animal repeatedly eats the same type of food, its system begins to reject those ingredients as it’s body has been overexposed to them. They are often used as cheap fillers in pet foods and can accumulate and cause an allergic reaction in your pet’s body. Providing a varied diet for your animal, just as with humans contributes to their optimal health.
However these cannot be synthesised by dogs and cats and must therefore be supplied in their diet.
Therefore, with the help of a veterinarian, pet owners have to systematically rule out all other health issues before settling on a diagnosis of food allergy.
Instead, they can result in diarrhea or vomiting, where it is the same kind of reaction that occurs when we have eaten spicy or greasy foods which are not agreeable with us. Well, the type of pet foods which you have been feeding could actually play a part in the contribution of certain skin disorders and are usually underestimated by many pet owners.

Always read the label on your pet’s food to see if corn or wheat is listed as one of the first few (primary) ingredients in the list. On the contrary, canine and feline food allergies are true allergies, with symptoms such as hot spots and itchy skin.
Dogs with other allergies like inhalant allergies or atopy may be at increased risk for developing a food allergy.Food allergy is an immune response which causes itching sensations due to the consumption of a particular allergen in a diet.
Many of these diets use limited ingredients so as to reduce antigenicity.  In addition, many of the commercial hypo-allergenic diets may contain an increased amount of omega 3 fatty acids or decreased omega 6 to omega 3 fatty acid ratios to decrease the formation of inflammatory mediators in the skin.

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