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If you would like to try something a little different, consider the following 10 clever dog food bin storage ideas.Dog Food and Water Station Hidden Storage IdeaThis hidden storage station made from a simple chest of drawers easily solves the problem of unsightly dog food. According to many vets raising the food also helps with digestion.The feeding station comes with two stainless steel bowls, one plastic scoop and one plastic storage bin that holds 3lbs. All in One Dog Food Storage Bin and Feeding Station This is truly an “all in one” feeding station; the bottom drawers pull out to reveal a food and water dish, while the large middle compartment easily stores extra food.
This is a great option if you need two storage bins for two different dry foods.Traveller Train Case Dog Food Storage If you’re looking for something quirky or different, don’t pass up a vintage travelnig case converted into a storage compartment for a food and water bowl!

Make sure to clean out any case you repurpose, or buy one from an established upseller.Fingerprint proof stainless steel dog food bin Buy it Cheaper on AmazonStainless steel can look great—except when it’s covered in fingerpaints! This fingerprint proof dog food pin is ideal for anyone who loves the look of stainless steel in their kitchen or pantry.
A large enough all in one chest can hold everything from extra dog food to treats to toys to shampoo and everything in between! It’s important to find a storage chest that can fit everything you need without becoming disorganized—and remember to leave enough space around the chest for easy access.

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